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Valley County Regulatory

The following is accurate as of 7 July 2012. Please consult the listed sources at the bottom of this page for the most current information.


  1. Applicability: The following regulations shall apply to tower structures for the purpose of private radio, television, or satellite reception and antennas for amateur radio. Towers shall not be subject to the accessory structure regulations of this chapter.

  2. Amateur Radio Station Operators/Receive Only Antennas: This chapter shall not govern any tower, or the installation of any antenna, that is under seventy feet (70') in height and is owned and operated by a federally licensed amateur radio station operator or is used exclusively for receive only antennas.

  3. Accessory Structures:

    1. Prohibited Locations: Accessory structures shall not be located in any required setback yard or on any publicly dedicated easement.

    2. Maximum Height If Located In Rear Yard: An accessory structure located in the rear yard shall not exceed a height of twenty four feet (24').

    3. Located In Residential Subdivision Or Rural Area: Accessory structures in a residential subdivision or rural area shall be architecturally compatible (as defined in this subsection) with the principal permitted dwelling, if:

      1. The accessory structure is located in the side yard, or portion thereof; or

      2. The square footage of the footprint of the accessory structure is greater than the square footage of the footprint of the principal permitted dwelling.

  4. General Standards:

    1. The tower or antenna structure is only for private, not commercial, use.

    2. The tower or antenna structure is accessory to a permitted or approved use. (Ord. 10-06, 8-23-2010)