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CIARC Technical Documentation Archive

NOTE: Historical documentation has been moved off of the web page in order to remain under the web page storage quota. Historical documentation is stored on CD and is maintained with the club records by the club secretary. Only documentation for equipement that is active in support of CIARC activities is maintained on this web page.

2m Repeater & Link Equipment Inventory

Manufacturer Model Quantity Description
Kenwood TK-705D 2 2-meter Repeater Receiver & Transmitter
KLM A15-80BL 1 2-meter 80 Watt Power Amplifier
Wacom WP-639 1 2-meter Duplexer (4-bottle)
Link Communications RLC-1 1 2-Port Repeater Controller
Communications Specialists TS-32P 1 CTCSS Decoder
Motorola Micor M6709 1 Micor Squelch Gate
EMR 8450/4 1 VHF 2-Port Isolator
TrippLite PR25 1 25 Amp Power Supply
Kenwood TK-941 2 33cm Link Transmitter & Receiver
Wacom WP-494/794-SP4455 1 33cm Duplexer (4-bottle)
Decibel Products ACJ-2802J2 1 33cm 2-Port Isolator

2-Meter Primary Repeater Manuals