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McCall Trail Running Classic - Post Mortem Recommendations
McCall Trail Running Classic - Post Mortem Recommendations

Written MCTRC post-mortem comments were received from several participants. Verbal comments that were received during the race event were also recorded in notes. Comments fell into two categories, that being comments toward improving CIARC public service communications and comments toward improving MCTRC race support by MCTRC volunteers.

NOTE: None of the comments presented are intended to be taken personally. All comments were submitted and published with the sole goal of improving the exercise of the art of public service radio communications.

Consolidated comments include:

All comments regarding recommendations that target CIARC responsibilities will be integrated into next year's MCTRC communications plan.

All comments will be forwarded to the McCall Trail Running Classic race organizers (i.e. Jeremy Humphry and Brandi Bolli) following the August meeting.