Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC - Public Service - 4 Summit Challenge
4-Summit Challenge (2017)
Communications Planning

The following planning information concerns Public Service communications supporting the 4-Summit Challenge on July 29.

1. Incident Name:
2. Date/Time Prepared:
Date: 29 JUL 2017
Time: 1230Z
3. Operational Period: Date From: 29 JUL 2017 Date To: 29 JUL 2017
Time From: 1230Z Time To: 2300Z
4. Basic Radio Channel Use:
Ch # Function Channel Name/
Trunked Radio
System Talkgroup
Assignment RX Freq
N or W
RX Tone/
TX Freq
N or W
TX Tone/
(A,D, or M)
  1 PRIMARY CIAR2B   146.900 MHz   146.300 MHz 123.0 Hz A REPEATER - OFFSET
  2 ALT FM 146.42   146.420 MHz   146.420 MHz   A SIMPLEX
  3 ALT HF 60M CH-4   5371.5 MHz   5371.5 MHz   A UPPER SIDEBAND
  4 DMR REPEATER PRI W7CIA   146.360 MHz CC1 TS2 TG 31160 146.420 MHz CC1 TS2 TG31160 D START/FINISH COMMS
  5 DMR SIMPLEX PRI 446.000   446.000 MHz CC1 TS1 TG99 446.000 MHz CC1 TS1 TG99 D UTILITY
  6 DMR SIMPLEX ALT 446.000   446.000 MHz CC1 TS1 TG9 446.000 MHz CC1 TS1 TG9 D UTILITY
5. Special Instructions:
6. Prepared by: Name: Position/Title: Signature:
ICS-205, Page 1 Date/Time (mm/dd/yy): 07/29/2017

Other Information

We have still not been able to coordinate and perform maintenance on the Brundage Mt. 146.900 MHz repeater. We had planned on turning off the Brundage repeater during the 4-Summit Challenge, but a new failure mode has revealed itself and we are unable to reliably control the Brundage Mt. repeater.

This means that is is almost certain that both the Brundage Mt repeater and the portable repeater, constructed to support communications for the 4-Summit Challenge from Forest Service Road 493 (above the South Fork), will be operating simultaneously.

It is possible that stations that are not participating in the 4-Summit Challenge may hear both repeaters. If you hear both repeaters, please do not key up to ask what is going on as that may result in interference to some of the stations along the South Fork. We would like to ask all CIARC members and guest station operators that are not participating in the 4-Summit Challenge to use the No Business 147.02 MHz repeater on July 29th and avoid using the Brundage Mt 146.900 MHz frequency on that date.

We expect to be testing the portable repeater from the Forest Service Road 493 location on Sunday, July 23. Our focus is to verify coverage along the event course on the South Fork and not to collect any reports from Long Valley.

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to complete this important field test and for managing your frequency use during the 4-Summit Challenge on July 29th.