Central Idaho Amateur
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CIARC Meeting Minutes - September 2016
Meeting Minutes - September 2016

Agenda Items

    1. Welcome [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

    2. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      CIARC Members that have not forwarded their dues for the 2016 calendar year were automatically removed from the roster at midnight on March 31st. Dues can be forwarded to the Treasurer, Bob Renn, by mailing a check to:

      C/O BOB RENN
      PO BOX 543
      DONNELLY, ID 83615-0543

      New member applicants, who have registered on the CIARC web-site, will not appear in the CIARC roster, and will not be granted member log-in access privileges to the CIARC web-site, until their dues payment has been received and recorded by the Treasurer.

      Family 8
      Individual 31
      Life 2
      Associate 0
      Total 41

    3. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) was not present at the meeting but left information for the financial report.


      Bob left a handwritten note for the financial report. I've summarized the balances in the table below. However, his accounting of the VE session isn't making sense to me. The following explains what should have happened. I am not at all certain, from the note, if this is what did happen.

      There were four students at the August 6 Amateur Radio Study and Exam session, resulting in the collection of combined test and study fees of $120.00. Of the $120.00 collected, $14 per student, or $56 was to be set asside for VE/VEC reimbursement, leaving $16 per student, or $64 to be placed into the general fund. Of the $56 placed into the VE/VEC reimbursement fund, $28 was distributed to the W5YI-VEC for reimbursement of VEC costs. The remaining $28 is to be used for reimbursement of our VE team for test costs only, Study team costs are reimbursed from the study funds, which were to be deposited into the general fund.

      The VE Team has not reported costs for reimbursement, and will likely hold off until the September 10 session, combining the two sessions.

      General Fund Balance $1993.65
      Outstanding Debits $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $0.00
      W5YI-VEC Testing Reimbursement Fund $241.46
      Combined Balance $2235.11

    4. Repeater Report [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

      On Wednesday, September 1st, a trip was made to Brundage Mt to install the 33cm Log Periodic Radome antenna and to verify the transmitter deviation settings. An attempt was made to install a Micor squelch gate but technical issues prevented completion of that task. The squelch was tightened slightly on the 2-meter receiver.

      Thank you to Brian Gestrin (W7BWG), Larry Stokes (N7IBC), Richard Wagner (W7ELE), Jeff Lappin (KG7YUV) and John Quinzio (K6JMQ) for their assistance!

    5. VE Testing [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

      August 6th saw the 8th Study Session & W5YI-VE Test Session, held at the Cascade EOC. This session resulted in licensing two Technician Class licensee and one General Class licensee. Congratulations to the following individuals:

      • Jason Bailey - KI7GLB - Technician
      • Nathan Tuning - KI7GLC - Technician
      • Brett Copperi - KG7WVX - General

      The next Amateur Radio study session and VE exam session will be held next Saturday, September 10th at Idaho First Bank in McCall. This will be the last session for 2016.

    6. Venue Change [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      The next meeting may be held at St. Lukes Hospital. Please watch the home page and agenda for details.

    7. Highway Cleanup [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      The next highway cleanup will occur on Saturday, October 1st.


    1. Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) [John Quinzio - K6JMQ]