Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - May 2016
Meeting Minutes - May 2016

Attending Members
AD7IW, Bailey, Tim KC7JLU, Forker, Brad W7LCC, McQuade, David KD7TSN, Schrage, Brian
W7CBS, Beckham, Bill W7BWG, Gestrin, Brian W7CIA, Montagne, Ray KF7DGW, Schrage, Patti
KG7OGQ, Beckham, Christian N7BMH, Hamilton, Brian KB7BVR, Peterson, Kermit N7HQT, Shinn, Jeff
KC7JHX, Bracht, David KG7GKN, Huston, Mike KG7MGZ, Platt, Richard KE7FST, Sorensen, David
KG7WVX, Copperi, Brett KI6TD, Jacob, Buddy KG7WWG, Putman, David N7IBC, Stokes, Larry
KG7GKL, Crogh, Anna KG7GKP, Kerby, Jeff K6JMQ, Quinzio, John W7ELE, Wagner, Richard
W7HXU, Crogh, Lenard KE7TQV, Lakomski, Peter KF7JPJ, Renn, Bob KI7DHJ, Wagner, Robert
KG7MFC, Didisse, Karin KG7YUV, Lappin, Jeff NG7O, Roberts, Darin W6HTW, Welch, Hank
KG7WVY, Donley, Chuck KG7GKQ, Mangum, Larry KG7UAD, Roff, Jeffrey KJ6NIM, Welch, Judy
K7KLE, Eimers, Kirk K7HCS, Mayfield, Bill KG7WWI, Scarborough, Larry  

Agenda Items

    1. Welcome [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      Welcome new members Larry Scarborough (KG7WWI), Brian Schrage (KD7TSN), and Patti Schrage (KF7DGW).

      Welcome to returning guest Cliff Steele (KA7QOR).

    2. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      CIARC Members that have not forwarded their dues for the 2016 calendar year were automatically removed from the roster at midnight on March 31st. Dues can be forwarded to the Treasurer, Bob Renn, by mailing a check to:

      C/O BOB RENN
      PO BOX 543
      DONNELLY, ID 83615-0543

      New member applicants, who have registered on the CIARC web-site, will not appear in the CIARC roster, and will not be granted member log-in access privileges to the CIARC web-site, until their dues payment has been received and recorded by the Treasurer.

      Family 6 (3 Families)
      Individual 29
      Life 2
      Associate 0
      Total 37

      There are several individuals who have registered to join the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club on the web-site. The membership accounts for those individuals cannot be activated until a dues payment has been received by the treasurer.

    3. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      General Fund Balance $2561.15
      Outstanding Debits $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $45.00
      W5YI-VEC Testing Reimbursement Fund $213.46
      Combined Balance $2819.61

    4. Field Day [Jeff Lappin - KG7YUV]

      EVENT DATE: 25-26 JUNE 2016

      Jeff Lappin (KG6YUV) was unable to attend the meeting. This topic was covered by Larry Stokes (N7IBC).

      Field Day will occur on June 25-26, 2016, and runs from 1800Z on Saturday through 2059Z on Sunday. That is 12:00 noon Saturday through 3:00 PM on Sunday.

      A location for the Field Day event has been secured in Roseberry. A preliminary assessment shows the location to be free of electrical noise.

      Field Day is a social event, emergency preparedness exercise and public relations event, and pseudo contest event, all rolled up into one activity. The event runs continuously over a 24 to 27 hour period (depending on when the station is set up).

      Field Day is also an excellent opportunity to gain High Frequency (HF) operating skills, and to build skills in traffic handling. The goals are to:

      • Set up a station in simulated emergency conditions (usually battery, solar or generator powered)
      • Work as many stations as possible during the operating period. Each contact is a structured traffic message that consists of passing:
        • Field Day Operating Class
        • American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Section (i.e. Idaho)
        The information received from the other stations must be recorded in a log.
      • Working stations involves avoiding working the same station multiple times. This is called duplicate checking, or DUP CHECK. This skill has direct application to contest operation.
      • Afte the close of operating hours, the station must be dismantled.

      Additional information on Field Day can be found by clicking here. The Field Day information packet can be downloaded by clicking here.

      Participation in Field Day requires coordinating equipment (i.e. radios, antennas, generators, etc.) and a roster of participants ahead of the event. Field Day can be one of the most fun events that is available and many clubs achieve high levels of participation. Please contact Jeff Lappin (KG7YUV) to express your interest in participating.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for Jeff Lappin (KG7YUV) . If you are not a CIARC member, please use the contact form to make an inquiry by clicking here.

    5. McCall Trail Running Classic [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

      EVENT DATE: 16 July 2016
      EVENT WEB SITE McCall Trail Running Classic

      The date for this year's McCall Trail Running Classic has been posted to the McCall Trail Running Classic Blog. This year's event will be held on Saturday, July 16th. Please mark your calendars. We would like to have approximately 10 volunteers to assist with this event. We typically staff a total of five locations (i.e. start/finish and four aid stations). Some locations are busier than others, and require multiple staff to support timely communications regarding race participant status. Each location will require a radio operator but supporting staff need not have an amateur radio license.

      A sign-up sheet was circulated at the May meeting, and the following members have committed to participating in providing communications for this event:

      David Sorensen KE7FST  
      Bob Renn KF7JPJ  
      Christian Beckham KG7OGQ  
      Jeffrey Roff KG7UAD TENTATIVE
      Bill Beckham W7CBS  
      Ray Montagne W7CIA  
      Richard Wagner W7ELE  
      David McQuade W7LCC TENTATIVE
      Larry Scarborough KG7WWI  
      Brett Copperi KG7WVX TENTATIVE
      Taylor Tuning KG7WWL TENTATIVE

      I'd like to thank all of those who have signed up to help with this event!

      The 2015 Communications Plan for this event is published on the web-site, and can be read by clicking here. Once course information is available for the 2016 event, the communications plan will be updated to reflect any changes to the course and to make assignments of personnel for each of the aid stations.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for Ray Montagne (W7CIA) . If you are not a CIARC member, please use the contact form to make an inquiry by clicking here.

    6. 4-Summit Challenge Bicycle Race [TBD]

      EVENT DATE: 30 July 2016

      The 4-Summit Challenge is an annual bicycle race, starting from Cascade and travels east and then north in the eastern section of Valley County. Larry Scarborough (KG7WWI) of Valley County Search And Rescue is requesting that CIARC become involved in this event, after experiencing how CIARC handles the McCall Trail Running Classic. Larry also indicates that if CIARC signs up to man an aid station for this event, CIARC would receive $300 for manning the aid station (NOTE: this is compensation for manning an aid station and is not compensation for providing communications, which, of course, Amateur Radio operators are precluded from pecuniary interest by FCC regulation for communications). Larry is a member of the 4-Summit Challenge committee, representing VCSAR.

      Four Summit Challenge Map

      A Google Earth kmz file, that includes the locations of aid stations, can be downloaded by clicking here.

      A tally of attending members at the April CIARC meeting showed 6-members interested in participating. A sign-up sheet was circulated at the May CIARC meeting.

      A sign-up sheet was circulated at the May meeting, and the following members have committed to participating in providing communications for this event:

      David Sorensen KG7FST  
      Karin Didisse KG7MFC CONDTIONAL: NO OTHER WORK. W7CIA to loan 50-W radio.
      Jeffrey Roff KG7UAD TENTATIVE
      Brian Hamilton N7BMH TENTATIVE
      Larry Stokes N7IBC  
      Ray Montagne W7CIA  
      Richard Wagner W7ELE  

      The governing committee will be meeting on Monday, 9 May, and the locations of the aid stations will be discussed. A proposal will be forwarded to have the aid stations at Big Creek Summit, Knox Ranch, Reed Ranch, and Poverty Overlook (where the VCSAR Incident Command Trailer will be stationed). A comms assessment was performed by Larry Stokes (N7IBC), Larry Scarborough (KG7WWI) and Ray Montagne (W7CIA), with all of these proposed aid station locations showing viable communications using a 50-watt radio. Handheld communications into the repeater network will not be possible, and use of a 50-watt radio will be necessary to sustain communications.

      IMPORTANT: Because the road will be closed from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, it is imperative that communications volunteers be on site prior to the road closure. No traffic will be allowed on the road once the closure begins. The race starting time is 7:30 AM. If you are late, you will not be allowed to enter the road closure area and your aid station may not be able to provide communications services.

      Volunteers can expect a briefing prior to this event regarding road closure and race closure management procedures. Should an incident occur during the race that requires medical assistance, the race will be shut-down and all participants will be held at the aid stations until cleared. Details on this procedure will be made available when solidified.

    7. Highway Cleanup Schedule [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      This event had previously been scheduled to occur on May 21st, but due to a scheduling conflict, has now been moved to June 4.

      A sign-up sheet was circulated at the May meeting, and the following members have committed to participating in providing communications for this event:

      Kermit Peterson KB7BVR  
      David Sorensen KE7FST  
      Bob Renn KF7JPJ  
      Jeffrey Roff KG7UAD TENTATIVE
      Jeff Lappin KG7YUV TENTATIVE
      Richard Wagner W7ELE  
      David McQuade W7LCC TENTATIVE
      Brian Schrage KD7TSN  
      Ben Wallin    
      Alec Wallin    
      Karin Didisse KG7MFC TENTATIVE

      Since there was a change in date, and if you were unable to attend the May CIARC meeting, please contact Richard Wagner to confirm if you are able to attend.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for Richard Wagner (W7ELE) . If you are not a CIARC member, please use the contact form to make an inquiry by clicking here.

    8. Valley County ARES [Larry Stokes - N7IBC]

      Larry announced that he is transitioning from Valley County Emergency Coordinator, though the Idaho Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, and will be filling the Idaho Section Emergency Coordinator position in the future. The schedule for this transition is evolving.

      Larry reports that there are now 13 Valley County ARES members. Larry asks that CIARC members who are interested in the ARES program, sign up on the Idaho ARES web-site by clicking here.

      Tim Bailey AD7IW  
      Dave Bracht KG7JHX  
      David Sorensen KG7FST  
      Bob Renn KF7JPJ  
      Mike Huston KG7GKN  
      Karin Didisse KG7MFC  
      Brett Copperi KG7WVX  
      Brian Hamilton N7BMH  
      Larry Stokes N7IBC Idaho Assistant Section EC, Valley County EC
      Brian Gestrin W7BWG  
      Bill Beckham W7CBS  
      Ray Montagne W7CIA  
      Richard Wagner W7ELE  

      Larry is working on training and exercise events. It is recommended (but not required) that all ARES members complete the FEMA ICS-100 course so that then can be familiar with how ARES fits in to the Incident Command System. You can access this free on-line course by clicking here.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for Larry Stokes (N7IBC) . If you are not a CIARC member, please use the contact form to make an inquiry by clicking here.

    9. McCall City Ambassador Program for 4th Of July [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      Richard reports that the city of McCall is requesting volunteers to act as ambassadors for the city during the 4th of July holiday. There does not appear to be any interest in participating in this event.

    10. Valley County Fair - Security [Larry Scarborough - KG7WWI]

      Larry reports that Brian Hines, of the Valley County Fair, is looking for people that would like to provide security for the fair. The need is for Wednesday through Saturday, with the fair paying $10/HOUR for security volunteers.

      The Valley County Fair runs from August 8th through 13th in Cascade. For more information on the Valley County Fair, click here.

    11. Exploring a CIARC Meeting Venue Change [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      We have had some suggestions that a change in meeting venue, to a location where internet access is available, would enable us to provide presentations on Amateur Radio technology that has a dependency on internet access. Richard will explore the availability of the Idaho First Bank, and the stability of the schedule (can we get bumped by a paid event?). Expect further discussion on this topic in June.

    12. ARES / MARS COMMEX [Larry Stokes - N7IBC]

      This Saturday, May 7, will see a Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS) interoperability Communications Exercise (COMEX). Mars operators will be collecting information from Amateur Radio operators, and then relaying that information through the MARS network.

      Discussion resulted in Ray Montagne (W7CIA) volunteering to act as a liaison station but recent developments seem to cancel the need for liaison station. Last night, Dan Woodall (N7DKW) sent out an ARES Email Notification as follows:

      May 5, 2016

      Update on MARS Exercise for Saturday

      District 3 Members,

      The owner of the (K7BSE) 146.94 repeater on Shaffer Butte has indicated that he will try to link it to the (K7ZZL) 443.300 on West Mountain between 8:00 and 9:00 Saturday Morning. That should allow some members in Gem and Valley Counties better access to Bob, N7BVX, who will be collecting reports for MARS.

      Thank you, Dan

      Sent 2016-05-06 04:07:26 UTC by Daniel Woodall (N7DKW), District 3 Emergency Coordinator

      Ray Montagne will monitor the K7ZZL repeater to determine if the LINK is operational. If the LINK is operational, members wishing to participate in the COMEX are encouraged to do so using the K7ZZL repeater (443.300 MHz, + OFFSET, 110.9 Hz CTCSS). If the LINK is not operational, Ray Montagne will monitor the Valley County ARES frequency of 147.530 MHz, and will then act as a relay to the K7BSE repeater (146.940 MHz) or to the 60-meter HF Frequency.

      For those CIARC members who are not ARES members, or did not receive the email announcements regarding this Saturday's COMMEX, the following announcements from Idaho ARES District 3 are reproduced for your convenience:

      May 3, 2016

      ARES District 3 Members,

      Have HF privileges?

      Up for a challenge?

      Would you like to work military stations with your Ham ticket?

      This event may be for you.

      Each year Hams and military stations communicate each other on prearranged frequency pairs in celebration of Armed Forces Day. We use our frequencies and listen on theirs. They use their frequencies and listen on ours. There may be QSL cards involved.

      Modes used include SSB, CW, ALE, RTTY, MT63, and receiving Mil Std PSK and FSK.

      Can you copy a message from the Secretary of Defense sent using military digital modes? I hear it is not easy. To learn more: http://www.usarmymars.org/home/announcements

      73, Dan

      Sent 2016-05-03 06:02:33 UTC by Daniel Woodall (N7DKW), District 3 Emergency Coordinator

      May 2, 2016

      ARES District 3 Members,

      This is further information for the ARMY MARS Communication Exercise for Saturday May 7 from 8:00 am to 8:50 am

      In review ARES is helping Army MARS with an interoperability exercise. The exercise criteria is simulating internet and telephones are down, but power and repeaters are up. This exercise tests the capability of MARS to obtain local situational reports from Ham operators all over the country.

      For our part, Bob, N7BVX, will take your situation reports over the 146.940 repeater from 8:00 am to 8:50 am. He will them relay the reports to a MARS operator.

      We expect they will be asking the status of services in your area. Give an accurate report. If everything is working in your area, report it as such.

      Part of the report will be your county. We have a code for that.

      Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) County Codes for District 3 are listed below. If you use your FIPS County Code, it is less work for the MARS operator before they begin relaying the information back to Headquarters.

      By the way, these are the codes used in the NOAA Specific Area Messaging Encoding (SAME) alerting system for Weather Radios.

      • Ada: 16001
      • Adams: 16003
      • Boise: 16015
      • Canyon: 16027
      • Elmore: 16039
      • Gem: 16045
      • Owyhee: 16073
      • Payette: 16075
      • Valley: 16085
      • Washington: 16087

      This is our best understanding of what will be asked for on Saturday. Please be flexible during the exercise. There may be changes at exercise time.

      This is a fun way to start a Saturday, good practice for us and MARS, and a great way to show how responsive and useful Ham operators can be during an incident.

      Thank you for your support of ARES, Dan

      Sent 2016-05-03 04:05:17 UTC by Daniel Woodall (N7DKW), District 3 Emergency Coordinator

      April 26, 2016

      Communications Exercise Opportunity Saturday May 7, Army MARS COMEX

      ARES District 3 Members,

      Would you like to start your Saturday morning helping Army MARS with a short Communications Exercise (COMEX)?

      Army Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS) will be conducting a MARS/Ham interoperability exercise the morning on Saturday May 7.

      From 8:00 am to 8:50 an ARES operators may use the 146.940 repeater to contact the ARES/MARS liaison station, currently planned to be Bob, N7BVX. You will log a situation report (SITREP) with the Liaison Station between 8:00 am and 8:55 am. Repeaters are allowed for the Ham portion of this exercise.

      We expect MARS to be asking for call sign, location, and a condition, such as availability of phone and internet. Give the actual conditions at your location. Everything will probably be working. We are not certain what they will ask for.

      At 8:55 am, the Liaison Station will stop taking reports and prepare to relay the information to a MARS operator, perhaps using 60 Meters if they can. For this exercise Hams and MARS stations are authorized to talk to each other. This is unusual and kind of historic that military licensed stations and Hams are allowed to communicate with each other on the same frequencies.

      Feel free to monitor 60 Meters if you wish. There may be activity there.

      So grab a hot beverage and become a part of history. We would like to overwhelm MARS with the Amateur Radio response form District 3.

      You do not have to be an ARES member to participate, so feel free to pass the invitation to your friends.

      Thank you for supporting ARES, Dan

      Sent 2016-04-26 07:14:35 UTC by Daniel Woodall (N7DKW), District 3 Emergency Coordinator

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for Dan Woodall (N7DKW) . If you are not a CIARC member, please use the contact form to make an inquiry by clicking here.