Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - December 2016
Meeting Minutes - December 2016

Attending Members
AD7IW, Bailey, Tim W7BWG, Gestrin, Brian KB7BVR, Peterson, Kermit KE7FST, Sorensen, David
W7CBS, Beckham, Bill N7BMH, Hamilton, Brian KG7MGZ, Platt, Richard AG7DH, Steele, Cliff
KG7OGQ, Beckham, Christian KG7GKN, Huston, Mike KG7WWG, Putman, David N7IBC, Stokes, Larry
KC7JHX, Bracht, David KI6TD, Jacob, Buddy K6JMQ, Quinzio, John (SKYPE) KG7WWL, Tuning, Taylor
KG7WVX, Copperi, Brett KG7GKP, Kerby, Jeff KF7JPJ, Renn, Bob W7ELE, Wagner, Richard
KG7GKL, Crogh, Anna KE7TQV, Lakomski, Peter NG7O, Roberts, Darin W7AXN, Wagner, Robert
W7HXU, Crogh, Lenard KG7CW, Lappin, Jeff KG7UAD, Roff, Jeffrey W6HTW, Welch, Hank
KG7MFC, Didisse, Karin KG7GKQ, Mangum, Larry KG7WWI, Scarborough, Larry KJ6NIM, Welch, Judy
KG7CDD, Donley, Chuck K7HCS, Mayfield, Bill KD7TSN, Schrage, Brian  
K7KLE, Eimers, Kirk W7LCC, McQuade, David KF7DGW, Schrage, Patti  
KC7JLU, Forker, Brad W7CIA, Montagne, Ray N7HQT, Shinn, Jeff  

Agenda Items

    1. Welcome [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      New Members:


    2. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      CIARC Members that have not forwarded their dues for the 2016 calendar year were automatically removed from the roster at midnight on March 31st. Dues can be forwarded to the Treasurer, Bob Renn, by mailing a check to:

      C/O BOB RENN
      PO BOX 543
      DONNELLY, ID 83615-0543

      New member applicants, who have registered on the CIARC web-site, will not appear in the CIARC roster, and will not be granted member log-in access privileges to the CIARC web-site, until their dues payment has been received and recorded by the Treasurer.

      Family 8
      Individual 31
      Life 3
      Total 42

    3. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      General Fund Balance $2377.94
      Outstanding Debits $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $0.00
      W5YI-VEC Testing Reimbursement Fund $282.81
      Combined Balance $2095.93

    4. Election of 2017 Officers [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      Election of CIARC officers for 2017 will occur at the December 2016 meeting.  The following nominations have been forwarded:

      • Secretary nominated by John Quinzio, second by Jeffery Roff, and voted in by majority vote. Bill Beckham indicated that he can volunteer to act temporarily as Secretary in the event that Karin declines to serve as Secretarty.

      After the close of business at the November general meeting, Bill Beckham contacted Richard Wagner to withdraw his name for consideration for the position of Secretary.  A nominee is needed for the position of Secretary.  Ray Montagne will continue to maintain the web-site.  A form will be provided for the new Secretary to support posting of meeting minutes to the web-site.

    5. Decals - Richard Wagner [W7ELE]

      Karin provided both a jpg and a pdf of the club logo. A 3 inch sticker $42 for 100 or $66 for 100. If the line artwork needs to be done, then the charge for that task is an additional $75. A motion was passed to order 100 units of the 4 inch sticker. Moved by David Putnam to amend the motion to add the club web page (i.e. ciarc.org) to the sticker artwork prior to placing an order. The amendment to the motion was unanimously passed. An additional motion was made by Bill Beckham to allow for up to $100 discretionary spending to cover additional cost of adding the club web address to the artwork.

    6. Field Day - Jeff Lappin [KG7CW]

      Out of seventeen participants nationally in class 3E, CIARC finished 9th. CIARC was first in Idaho. CIARC scored 1890 points, against 9624 points scored by the winning station. Jeff wants to hold several training sessions next spring. The Idaho QSO party is on March 11-12, and the Call Area 7 QSO party is on May 6-7.

    7. Winter Carnival - Larry Stokes [N7IBC]

      No news at this time. If anything becomes known, the membership will be notified.

    8. County MOU - Richard Wagner [W7ELE]

      Richard, Larry (N7IBC) and Ray (W7CIA) will review and amend the current MOU. The proposed MOU will be presented to the membership for approval. The goal is to have the proposed MOU forwarded to the Sheriff and County Commissioners by February.

    9. CIARC NET - Bob Renn [KF7JPJ]

      Five members checked in. Jeffery Roff [KG7UAD] will handle the next NET from Bob Renn's QTH.