Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - July 2015
Meeting Minutes - July 2015

Attending Members
AD7IW, Bailey, Tim KG7GKM, Good, Julie KE7HKY, Mayfield, Janet KG7SBW, Stewart, Dennis
W7CBS, Beckham, Bill KB7BVS, Good, Philip W7LCC, McQuade, David SSTEWART, Stewart, Sue
KG70GQ, Beckham, Christian KG7UAB, Hamilton, Brian W7CIA, Montagne, Ray N7IBC, Stokes, Larry
KC7JHX, Bracht, David KG7GKN, Huston, Mike KB7BVR, Peterson, Kermit W7ELE, Wagner, Richard
KG7GKL, Crogh, Anna KG7GKO, Kallies, Dan KG7MGZ, Platt, Richard W6HTW, Welch, Hank
W7HXU, Crogh, Lenard KG7GKP, Kerby, Jeff K6JMQ, Quinzio, John KJ6NIM, Welch, Judy
KG7MFC, Didisse, Karin KE7TQV, Lakomski, Peter KF7JPJ, Renn, Bob  
KC7JLU, Forker, Brad KG7GKQ, Mangum, Larry N7HQT, Shinn, Jeff  
KC7SRF, Forrey, Steve K7HCS, Mayfield, Bill KE7FST, Sorensen, David  

Attending Guests
Call Sign First Last
  Jeremy Humphry (McCall Trail Running Classic)
W6ZPL Bob Paquette

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Character Description Number Of Members In Category
    A Associate Membership 0
    F Family Membership 12
    I Individual Membership 19
    L Life Membership 2

    Several members had not registered an account on the web-site, and this was inhibiting us from generating accurate information regarding the number of members, meeting sign in sheets, the NET control operator boiler plate, and membership rosters. Accounts were created for the following individuals based on limited data on hand:

    • Brad Forker [KC7JLU]
    • Hank Welch [W6HTW]
    • Judy Welch [KJ6NIM] (we do not have an email address)
    • Sue Stewart

    The members listed above will need to perform a password reset to gain access to the members area of the web site. This can only be done for those records where we had sufficient information to include an email address in the member record. Further, a security question is presented in order to allow the password to be reset. If you cannot reset your password, due to a lack of having an email address in the member record, or a lack of information for the security question, please use the contact form to advise us of your email address or to request that we send you the response to the security question. Username and security question information for administratively created accounts was disclosed verbally at the meeting.

  2. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Balance 1971.22
    Outstanding Debits  
    Outstanding Deposits  

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic - Ray Montagne [W7CIA]

    Jeremy Humphrey attended to address any questions. Please be aware that CIARC is responsible for communications and traffic handling, and any staffing or manpower issues in that regard should be handled by CIARC membership.

    Ray Montagne [W7CIA] went over highlights of the MCTRC Communications plan. The MCTRC Communications Plan is available under the Resources menu on the web site, or by clicking here. Ray will not be printing copies of the communications plan. If you need a hard copy of the communications plan, please print all, or select portions of the communications plan from the web-site.

    Ray Montagne [W7CIA] will prepare participant rosters the Thursday night before the race. These will be emailed the night after being prepared. Ray will print one copy for each aid station, and these can be picked up at his home on Friday (the day before the race), or at the start / finish line on the morning of the race.

    Karin Didisse [KG7MFC] reports marginal communications at the Buckhorn aid station.

    Jeremy Humphry indicated a course change on the 40-mile course where the Kennally leg will now go to Buckhorn Summit. The communications plan, available under the Public Service menu on the web-site, has been updated to reflect this course change.

    Karin Didisse [KG7MFC] contact information has been forwarded to Jeremy & Brandi so that arrangements can be made to transport supplies / equipment to the Buckhorn Aid Station.

  4. Repeater Report - Ray Montagne [W7CIA]

    • No Business Mt

      The Kenwood TKR-750 repeater was installed at the No Business Mt. communications site on July 1st. This included removal of the Link Communications RLC-1 Repeater Controller, which was replaced with an ARCOM RC-210 repeater controller that was built and donated by Ray Montagne [W7CIA]. The Link Communications RLC-1 Repeater Controller will be re-tasked for the Brundage Mt. 2-meter VHF repeater.

      The web-site is being updated with photos and data from the No Business Mt. 2-meter VHF repeater upgrade.

      Thanks again to Brad Forker, KC7JLU, for donating the Kenwood TKR-750 repeater.


      The content above status had written the above prior to making a trip to the No Business Mt. repeater site, and indicates the success we had hoped for, and not the experience that actually occurred.

      Larry Stokes [N7IBC] and Ray Montagne [W7CIA] attempted to complete the installation. A 70 step installation and validation plan was being walked through and the new equipment experienced a failure just at step 50. The new equipment had been operating up until that point. An issue with the new controller was suspected but, due to an error in the controller documentation (where the schematic did not match the board layout), and already approaching 5:00 PM (after being on site since 8:30 AM), the original equipment was re-installed without the external PA. Both the Kenwood TKR-750 repeater and the Arcom RC-210 controller were brought back down off ot the mountain for easier fault investigation. Upon further investigation, it was found that there was no problem with the Kenwood TKR-750 repeater but a feed-through on the Arcom RC-210 repeater controller printed circuit board, supplying ground to one of the operational amplifiers, had opened up as temperatures rose at the communications site. Better to have this failure occur while we were still on the mountain top.

      The controller issue has since been resolved. However, we also discovered a hardware incompatibility between the Arcom RC-210 controller and the COS circuit on the 33cm / 900 MHz uplink receiver prior to reinstalling the original equipment. The incompatibility resulted in failure of the Carrier Operated Switch (COS) / Squelch circuit in the uplink receiver, and is due to the bipolar transistor buffers used in the Arcom RC-210 repeater controller, which are loading down the uplink receiver squelch circuit. A high impedance MOSFET buffer is required to resolve the issue. As such, we will leave the Link Communications RLC-1 controller installed at the No Business Mt communications site and will now task the Arcom RC-210 controller for the Brundage Mt. VHF / 2-meter project.

      We plan on reinstalling the Kenwood TKR-750 at the No Business Mt communications site this weekend (eta on Sunday, July 12). Watch the repeater status page for an update after completion of installation.

    • Brundage Mt

      We are working to complete prerequisite tasks for installation of the Yaesu DR-1X Fusion repeater at Brundage Mt. Richard Wagner [W7ELE] and Ray Montagne [W7CIA] modified a wooden enclosure, provided by Richard, to support installation of the repeater equipment. This box will be disassembled and then reassembled in the attic at the repeater site.

      A survey of the repeater site was performed by Richard Wagner [W7ELE] and Ray Montagne [W7CIA] on June 30. During this survey, the 33cm link radio was removed so that it could be interfaced to the Link Communications RLC-1 Repeater Controller. With the RLC-1 now available for the Brundage Mt. 2-meter VHF repeater, remaining tasks are expected to be much easier to complete.

      At the June meeting, acquisition of a Telewave ANT150D3 2-bay folded dipole antenna. Discussion and approval for acquisition was tabled until the July meeting. This antenna is smaller than the existing UHF antenna, and meets several requirements established by the technical committee, including:

      1. Robust construction, capable of withstanding severe winter conditions
      2. Small foot-print (i.e. 89 inches X 36 inches, 13 lbs, 1.6 ft2 area
      3. D.C. Grounded, for lightning protection

      This antenna is subject to a 30% amateur radio club discount when the amateur radio club creates an account directly with Telewave and places the order directly from them. Information on this antenna can be found by clicking here. The MSRP price for this antenna, from a 2013 price list (the most recent that could be located), before discount, is $821.70. Applyig a 30% discount would drop this to $575.19. Typical shipping charges are $150, due to the size of the antenna (which exceeds the maximum length for standard shipping with UPS).

      This temporary antenna that will be used during initial installation is not capable of surviving the environment.

      The Telewave ANT150D3 must be built to specification, including the operating frequency and the down-tilt figure. The operating frequency should be centered on the repeater transmit frequency of 146.9000 MHz, with a down-tilt of 0° (the antenna has a 37° vertical beam width so no down-tilt is necessary). The lead time on obtaining the antenna is not known.

      The technical committee strongly recommends that acquisition of this antenna be approved by the general membership. If a proper antenna is not secured for the Brundage Mt. 2-meter VHF repeater, the temporary antenna will need to be removed prior to winter and the repeater would then need to be shut down until the snow melts in the following spring. The technical chairman prefers that the order be paid directly by CIARC check. Ordering directly from Telewave would require that the Treasurer set up an account with Telewave, per instructions provided by Telewave when queried regarding an amateur radio club discount.

      Bob Renn [KF7JPJ] reported making proactive contact with David Ramirez of Telewave and reported that the cost of the Telewave ANT150D3 to be $575.19 plust $13.00 for shipping costs. Richard Wagner [W7ELE] indicated that he could supply the vertical support pole.

      A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to approve purchase of the Telewave ANT150D3 antenna for Brundage Mt. Bob Renn [KF7JPJ] is moving ahead with completing the order and payment, and reported after the meeting that shipment will occur the week ending July 10.

      Richard Wagner reported that the MOU with Brundage Mt. Ski Resort has now been signed by all parties, and that a copy has been forwarded to the Ski Patrol. Ray Montagne [W7CIA] will be making copies and distributing the copies to all parties that signed the MOU.

  5. Field Day Report - Richard Wagner [W7ELE]

    The field day event was attended by:

    • Bob Renn [KF7JPJ]
    • Dan Kallies [KG7GKO]
    • Richard Wagner [W7ELE]
    • Ray Montagne [W7CIA]

    Our goal was to provide an opportunity to be exposed to HF operation, including how to tune in a station using a Single Side Band (SSB) receiver. All operators made multiple contacts among western states using a 6-watt HF handheld transceiver and/or a 20-watt portable HF transceiver.

    No serious contesting was done. Due to a large population of mosquitos, operations were shut down after approximately four hours of operating.

  6. Balun Class Report - John Quinzio [K6JMQ]

    John was called out of town. A balun class update was provided by Ray Montagne [W7CIA]. John indicated that he anticipates no cost for those attending the class. He would like to schedule the class for the first week of August, and would like to solicit input from those who signed up as to what day of the week will work best. He is anticipating that the weekend will be best. He also mentioned that he may hold a follow on class for constructing ferrite core baluns.

    All twelve positions were reserved by those who signed up at the June meeting:

    Balun Class Sign-Up
    # Name Call Sign
    1 Bill Mayfield K7HCS
    2 David Sorensen KE7FST
    3 Mike Huston KG7GKN
    4 Dan Kallies KG7GKO
    5 Larry Mangum KG7GKQ
    6 Richard Wagner W7ELE
    7 Karin Didisse KG7MFC
    8 Larry Stokes N7IBC
    9 David McQuade W7LCC
    10 Hank Welch W6HTW
    11 Brian Hamilton KG7UAB
    12 Bob Renn KF7JPJ

    A survey of members, who had signed up at the June meeting for this class, favors holding the class on Sunday, August 9th, with at least one member expressing a late afternoon preference.

  7. Highway Cleanup Report - Richard Wagner

    Highway cleanup was conducted between mile markers 160 and 161 on Highway 95 by Richard Wagner [W7ELE], Bob Renn [KF7JPJ], Karin Didisse [KG7MFC], Kermit Peterson [KB7BVR], Brian Hamilton [KG7UAB], Larry Mangum [KG7GKQ], Dan Kallies [KG7GKO]. Thanks to all who participated.

  8. Business Card Report - Karin Didisse [KG7MFC]

    Karin Didisse [KF7MFC] reported a $9.99 price for Vist Print On-line for quantities of 100, 250 or 500 cards. There is no variation in price among these quantities.

    A motion was made by Bob Renn [KF7JPJ], and seconded by Hank Welch [W6HTW] to approve purchase of 500 cards from Vista Print On-line. The motion carried unanimously.