Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - December 2015
Meeting Minutes - December 2015

Attending Members
AD7IW, Bailey, Tim KC7SRF, Forrey, Steve KG7GKQ, Mangum, Larry KG7UAD, Roff, Jeffrey
W7CBS, Beckham, Bill W7BWG, Gestrin, Brian K7HCS, Mayfield, Bill N7HQT, Shinn, Jeff
KG7OGQ, Beckham, Christian KG7GKM, Good, Julie KE7HKY, Mayfield, Janet KE7FST, Sorensen, David
KC7JHX, Bracht, David KB7BVS, Good, Philip W7LCC, McQuade, David N7IBC, Stokes, Larry
KG7GKL, Crogh, Anna N7BMH, Hamilton, Brian W7CIA, Montagne, Ray W7ELE, Wagner, Richard
W7HXU, Crogh, Lenard KG7GKN, Huston, Mike KB7BVR, Peterson, Kermit W6HTW, Welch, Hank
KG7MFC, Didisse, Karin KG7GKO, Kallies, Dan KG7MGZ, Platt, Richard KJ6NIM, Welch, Judy
KG7WVY, Donley, Chuck KG7GKP, Kerby, Jeff KG7WWG, Putman, David  
K7KLE, Eimers, Kirk KE7TQV, Lakomski, Peter K6JMQ, Quinzio, John  
KC7JLU, Forker, Brad KG7YUV, Lappin, Jeff KF7JPJ, Renn, Bob  

Agenda Items

    1. Welcome Guests & Visitors [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      Welcome new members: Jeff Lappin (KG7YUV), Chuck Donely (KG7WVY) and Dave Putman (KG7WWG).

    2. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      Associate 0
      Family 10
      Individual 23
      Life 2
      Total 35

    3. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

      Balance $1885.67
      Outstanding Debits $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $0.00

    4. Elections [Richard Wagner - W7ELE]

      Nominations were presented at the November meeting, with elections being held at the December meeting in accordance with the CIARC Constitution and Bylaws. The election of 2016 CIARC officers is as follows:

      President Richard Wagner - W7ELE
      Vice President Bill Beckham - W7CBS
      Treasurer Bob Renn - KF7JPJ
      Secretary Ray Montagne - W7ELE

    5. Volunteer Examiner Team Meeting [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

      A meeting of the Volunteer Examiner team will occur on January 12th, to be held at Richard Wagner's home at 7:00 PM. Of the utmost importance will be the topic of scheduling VE Examination sessions for 2016. Our current model of acquiring registrations until economic viability, and then setting an examination date, is not working as we are loosing a good number of registrants due to an inability to align their schedule. Fixing the dates will allow both registrants and Volunteer Examiners to accomodate the schedule.

      Also to be discussed in participation by Amateur Extra class Volunteer Examiners. When an examinee passes the Technician class license, we are to present the opportunity to test for a higher class license without imposing an additional test fee. If we do not have an adequate number of Amateur Extra class examiners on hand, the registrant cannot take this opportunity to upgrade at the initial testing, and wrongly has to pay a fee to do so at a later date.

    6. CIARC Web-site [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

      Some measures have been taken to black-list out of country access to some features of the web-site. If you experience any difficulties with the web-site, please report the issues to Ray Montagne immediately.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for the Volunteer Examiner Team.

    7. Hats, T-Shirts & Vests [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ & Karin Didisse - KG7MFC]

      Bob indicated that the following pricing is available for these items:

      Monogramed Hats $20.58
      T-Shirt $12.34
      T-Shirt (XXL) $15.56
      Vest (SM to XL) $20.00
      Vest (XXL) $21.98
      Vest Silk Screening $6.98

      Karin Didisse also brought sample vests from Hibid Supply, with the following pricing:

      $21.00     $15.00

    8. Floor Item - T4 Decals [Brian Hamilton - N7BMH]

      Brian presented a very nice Amateur Radio Call Sign window decal. These can be ordered from t4decals.com.

    9. Floor Item - Idaho State Search And Rescue (ISSAR) Conference [Larry Mangum - KG7GKQ]

      Larry reported that Valley County Search And Rescue (VCSAR) will be hosting the Idaho State Search And Rescue (ISSAR) annual conference this year, to be held at Trinity Pines in Cascade on March 11 through 13, 2016. CIARC members are welcome.

    10. Floor Item - Disabled American Veterans Snowmobile Ride [Larry Mangum - KG7GKQ]

      Larry reported that the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Snowmobile Ride will occur on Saturday, March 12, 2016. The VCSAR Incident Command trailer will be setup at Francine Wallace (Warren Wagon Road, north of McCall) to support communications. The ride extends to the Burgdorf area.

      The only reliable communications for this important VCSAR public service event are through the Brundage Mountain CIARC 2-meter repeater. We need Amateur Radio volunteers to man both the VCSAR Incident Command trailer (heated), and to participate in the ride as mobile operators to provide communications in support any critical need that may occur during the ride.

      Since VCSAR is hosting the ISSAR conference on this same weekend, VCSAR members may be unavailable to support this event. This means that CIARC member participation in supporting this event is even more important.

      Please contact Larry Mangum (KG7GKQ) to volunteer to support the DAV Snowmobile Ride.

      Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members should log-in to their account and then visit this page to view contact information for the Volunteer Examiner Team.

    11. Valley County Search And Rescue (VCSAR) Meetings [Larry Mangum - KG7GKQ]

      Larry announced that VCSAR meetings have now been scheduled to occur on the third Tuesday of the month (previously held on the third Wednesday). These meetings are held at the Donnelly Fire Department at 7:00 PM.

    12. Winter Carnival

      There is currently no news to convey regarding participation in the 2016 Winter Carnival in McCall. We are hoping to have additional information by the January CIARC meeting.