Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - April 2015
Meeting Minutes - April 2015

Attending Members
AD7IW: Bailey, Tim K6JMQ: Quinzio, John K7HCS: Mayfield, Bill KB7BVS: Good, Philip
KC7JHX: Bracht, David KE7FST: Sorensen, David KE7HKY: Mayfield, Janet KE7TQV: Lakomski, Peter
KF7JPJ: Renn, Bob KG70GQ: Beckham, Christian KG7GKK: Beckham, Bill KG7GKL: Crogh, Anna
KG7GKM: Good, Julie KG7GKN: Huston, Mike KG7GKO: Kallies, Dan KG7GKP: Kerby, Jeff
KG7GKQ: Mangum, Larry KG7GKS: Wagner, Richard KG7MFC: Didisse, Karin KG7MGZ: Platt, Richard
N7HQT: Shinn, Jeff N7IBC: Stokes, Larry W7CIA: Montagne, Ray W7HXU: Crogh, Lenard
W7LCC: McQuade, David      

Agenda Items
  1. Welcome [Richard Wagner - KG7GKS]

    New Member: David Sorensen - KE7FST


  2. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Family 8 (4)
    Individual 15
    Life 1
    Total 28

  3. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Balance 1705.08
    Outstanding Debits  
    Outstanding Deposits 55.00

  4. St. Lukes Hospital [Richard Wagner - KG7GKS]

    A draft press release has been received from Mary Moreaux of St. Lukes Hospital McCall.

    Thanks to a local group of volunteer ham radio operators, patients at St. Luke's McCall Medical Center will have an added level of security during emergency or disaster events. Members of the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club and the Valley County Amateur Radio Emergency Services group provided equipment and technical support to upgrade the capacity of the hospital's ham radio.

    In addition, the groups volunteered to assist in operating the radio when normal means of communication are disrupted. As part of its commitment to providing a "conduit for communication" during emergencies, the Valley County group has already purchased a high-powered antenna to extend reach of the hospital's radio to repeaters as far down as the Treasure Valley.

    The Valley County Amateur Radio Emergency Services group has assisted Valley County Search and Rescue and provides services at events including snowmobile races and the McCall Trail Running Classic.

    Volunteer ham radio operators serve as a resource to the Red Cross at disaster sites across the nation. Services are provided free of charge as part of the operators' commitment to public service. To learn more about the Valley County club including dates and times of its monthly meetings, visit www.ciarc.org.

    Mary Moreaux would like a photo op with this article.

    A response needs to be forwarded Mary Moreaux of St. Lukes Hospital McCall. A recommended change to the third paragraph, which would indicate that members of the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club have assisted Valley County Search And Rescue instead of the Valley County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, is depicted below:

    The Valley County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club has assisted Valley County Search and Rescue and provides services at events including snowmobile races and the McCall Trail Running Classic.

  5. Brundage Mt. MOU [Bill Beckham - KG7GKK]

    Bill Beckham [KG7GKK] reports that the draft MOU has been forwarded to Bob (Brundage Mountain General Manager) and Rob McFadden (Brundage Mountain Maintenance Manager) for review. Bill reports that he expects to be in contact in the next week to follow up.

  6. VCSAR Public Service [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    On Saturday, March 14th, the Valley County Search And Rescue (VCSAR) Team hosted a snowmobile ride for the Disabled American Veterans. This ride was from Francine Wallace to Burgdorf. VCSAR had the Incident Command trailer stationed at Francine Wallace. CIARC supported this event, with several VCSAR members also being CIARC members, and through use of the 70cm repeater that is located on Brundage Mt. Where simplex communications of the national SAR public safety frequency, good quality communications were experienced between the Incident Command trailer and VCSAR amateur radio operators, including to the Burgdorf destination.

    This event demonstrated the utility of amateur radio communications in support of VCSAR public service activities, as well as the benefits of having VCSAR and CIARC working together toward a common public service goal.

  7. KA7ERV Repeater Linking [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    Larry Stokes (N7IBC) & Ray Montagne (W7CIA) have been in discussion with Rob Blout (KA7ERV), the Boise County ARES Emergency Coordinator, regarding the possibility of linking to the KA7ERV 145.31 MHz repeater. The link transceiver and antenna would be provided by Ray Montagne (W7CIA). The discussions have so far centered on technical feasibility, but are transitioning to operational aspects. The proposed linking is to support Emergency Communications, and, upon prior agreement, Public Service communications.

    The KA7ERV repeater is a solar powered repeater that is located on Pilot Peak. The repeater exhibits good coverage into the southern areas of Valley County, and may provide overlapping coverage to other repeaters participating in the CIARC linked network.

    The KA7ERV group is currently in discussions among their members to determine if they would like to participate in linking, what limitations or restrictions would be implemented, and any desire to enter into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with CIARC. Any MOU would be subject to review and approval by the membership of both groups.

    The goal here is to expand the emergency communications capability of both Boise County and Valley County ARES operations. We do not want to impose any operational requirements upon the KA7ERV group, rather, operation of the link, and any policies, are intended to favor protecting the KA7ERV repeater from use policies that do not align with their desires. The only technical requirement CIARC would request is that the CIARC control operators be provided DTMF access codes to control the linke (primarily to drop the link in the event of a technical issue). The KA7ERV repeater group may wish to limit distribution of these control codes to a subset of CIARC control operators.

  8. W5YI-VEC [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    On March 19th, correspondence from Tiffany Mansel of the W5YI-VEC was received that indicates that approval has been granted to establish the Valley County VE test team. However, additional documentation has yet to be received, and until that documentation is received, no test session can be scheduled.

    Pending delivery of documentation, and a commitment from the VE team members to staff and support a test session, a tentative date for the next class and test session is being proposed for May 16th.

  9. Brundage Repeater [Richard Wagner [KG7GKS], Bob Renn [KF7JPJ], Larry Stokes [N7IBC], Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    Richard Wagner [KG7GKS] reported that a letter had previously been received to indicate that shipment of the new repeater would occur by the end of March, and that the Yaesu Fusion DR-1X program has been extended.

    Bob Renn [KF7JPJ] indicated that he would make a query to Yaesu to determine the shipping status of the Yaesu Fusion DR-1X repeater.

    Ray Montagne [W7CIA] and Larry Stokes [N7IBC] reported on preliminary work to determine if a move to 2m/VHF at Brundage Mt. would be possible (pending a signed MOU with Brundage Mt. Ski Resort). This would result in substantially increased coverage into northern Valley County and Adams County. The critical path issue is whether a 2m frequency coordination can be obtained. Larry Stokes [N7IBC] has a VHF/2m duplexer that would be donated toward the effort. The only other equipment required would be a VHF antenna to replace the UHF antenna currently in place at Brundage Mt.

    The following two images provide a comparative coverage prediction for the Brundage Mt. repeater when operating on the current 70cm/UHF frequency (top image) and when operating on a 2m/VHF frequency (bottom image).

    In both of the above images, the yellow region depicts marginal predicted coverage and the red region depicts good predicted coverage. Click on the images to see a larger view of the coverage prediction.

  10. Field Day - June 27/28 [Richard Wagner - KG7GKS]


    1. People
    2. Radio Equipment
    3. Antennas & Feedline
    4. Generators, Solar Power, Batteries

    Please contact Richard to indicate your desire to participate and/or to volunteer use of equipment.