Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - September 2014
Meeting Minutes - September 2014

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
AD7IW Tim Baliey
KG7GKK Bill Beckham
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
KB7BVS Philip Good
KG7GKO Dan Kallies
KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
KG7GKQ Larry Mangum
K7HCS Bill Mayfield
W7LCC David McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
N7HQT Jeff Shinn
N7IBC Larry Stokes
KG7GKS Richard Wagner

Attending Guests
Call Sign First Last
K6JMQ John Quinzio

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Family 8
    Individual 17
    Total 25

  2. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Balance $1848.92
    Outstanding Debits $0.00
    Outstanding Deposits $0.00

  3. Highway Cleanup Report (August 23, 2014). [Lenard Crogh - W7HXU]

    • A Safety Meeting was held on August 23, 2014.
    • CIARC wishes to thank the following individuals for participating in the Highway Clean-up:
      • Lenard Crogh - W7HXU
      • Karin Didisse - KG7MFC
      • Philip Good - KB7BVS
      • Bob Renn - KF7JPJ
    • Next Highway Clean-Up Event: Spring 2015.
    • More Volunteers Needed.
  4. Logo Shirts & Hats (follow-up). [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    The vendor has agreed to make corrections for any issues with logo shirts and caps. Contact Bob Renn (KF7JPJ).

  5. IMTUF Race. [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    Brandi Bolli-Humphrey asked if the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club members would be interested in assisting with communications for the IMTUF 100 mile race. The race will be held from Saturday, September 20th through Sunday, September 21.

    Larry Stokes (N7IBC) disclosed that Russ Dunn (N7SMA) was discussing using High Frequency (HF) Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) stations to communicate. It wasn't clear if HF would be used exclusively or if a combination of VHF/UHF repeaters and HF would be used. CIARC has not yet received a request to use the repeaters. If HF were to be used exclusively then a General class license or higher will be required at each HF station. Volunteers holding a technician class license would have to be paired with General class or higher licensees.

    The following members expressed an interest in participating:

    • Bill Beckham (KG7GKK)
    • Larry Mangum (KG7GKQ)
    • Bob Renn (KF7JPJ)
    • Larry Stokes (N7IBC)
    • Richard Wagner (KG7GKS)

    Prospective volunteers should contact Russ Dunn (N7SMA), President, Valley Wide REACT, at (208) 697-3133. REF: Valley Wide REACT Facebook Page, Valley Wide REACT web page, and IMTUF 100 web page.

  6. St. Lukes (Multiple Items). [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    • MOU Draft & Letter

      An letter needs to be written to introduce the concept of the MOU proposal between CIARC, Valley County ARES and St. Lukes Hospital. This needs to be signed by the President and delivered, pending approval of the letter. Before that letter can be written, the addressee needs to be determined.

      Richard Wagner (KG7GKS) and Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) have agreed to follow up on this issue.

      Initial contact with St. Lukes to determine the correct person to contact regarding the MOU can be made to Tim Wilcox at (208) 271-6467.

    • Antenna & Feed-line

      Over the past several months, the club has approved purchase of an antenna for St. Lukes and has approved donation of feed-line to support installation of the antenna. It was previously suggested that a formal presentation be made, involving the CIARC President, Valley County ARES Emergency Coordinator and St. Lukes representative (Tim Wilcox). It was further recommended that the presentation be a media event, involving the local McCall press, to generated publicity for the club.

      Richard Wagner (KG7GKS), Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) and Larry Mangum (KG7GKQ) have agreed to follow up on this issue.

      Initial contact with St. Lukes to determine the correct person to contact regarding the antenna donation can be made to Tim Wilcox at (208) 271-6467.

  7. Amateur Radio Class & Test Session [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    The next class and test session will be held on September 27th. This is the last session that we will receive assistance from BAEARS. Since our friends from BAEARS will be flying in from California, we need to know that there are a sufficient number of registrations to make travel worthwhile. Further, pre-registration is needed so that we know how much material to print, and what material, relative to a license class, is needed. Although there have been many people expressing verbal interest in attending, registration is very low. Further, registration allows us to contact attendees to advise them what then need to bring, or of any changes to the venue or schedule.

    If you want to attend, or know someone who wants to attend, please have them register on the web site as soon as possible. We need each attendee to register individually so that we properly know how many people are going to attend. If someone does not have web access, have then have them call a member to obtain assistance in registering.