Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - October 2014
Meeting Minutes - October 2014

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
KG7GKK Bill Beckham
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
KG7MFC Karin Didisse
KB7BVS Philip Good
KG7GKN Mike Huston
KG7GKP Jeff Kerby
KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
W7LCC David McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
N7IBC Larry Stokes
KG7GKS Richard Wagner

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Family 8
    Individual 17
    Life 1
    Total 26

  2. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Balance $1848.92
    Outstanding Debits $0.00
    Outstanding Deposits $150.00

    After the deposit of $150.00 has been completed, the balance will be $1998.92

  3. St. Lukes Report. [Richard Wagner - KG7GKS]

    A meeting with Tim Wilcox of St. Lukes Hospital was held on August 17, 2014, and attended by Larry Mangum [KG7GKQ], Bob Renn [KF7JPJ] and Richard Wagner [KG7GKS].

    Tim Wilcox was going out of town but was going to forward the MOU draft to the appropriate St. Lukes personnel. Richard will contact Tim if no response has been received by mid October, 2014. Tim was receptive to having a press event to present the antenna with representation from St. Lukes Hospital, the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club, Valley County Search And Rescue and the Valley County Amateur Radio Emergency Service present. St. Lukes will be conducting a study to assess the performance of back-up power sources (currently Diesel ONLY), and is receptive to a solar / battery installation.

    Questions remain as to how to staff this station. If communications is to include contact with St. Lukes in Boise, both the Ada County and Valley County ARES organizations should collectively create a communications plan for staffing when amateur radio communications are required between the two sites. The contingency should be appropriate for infrastructure failure at either end of the lines of communications. Planning should include the coordinated deploying of staffing at both ends, and should also include appropriate vetting of staff authorized to fulfill this role. Since both hospitals will be participants in the Incident Command System, a recommendation might be forwarded that, at minimum, ICS-100 training be completed with the FEMA Emergency Management Institute's Independent Study Program (see ICS-100.b), since we, as emergency volunteers, will be operating under their management system.

  4. IMTUF-100 [Richard Wagner - KG7GKS, Larry Stokes - N7IBC]

    The IMTUF-100 foot race was held on August 21 through 22. Communications for this event were managed by Treasure Valley REACT and utilized both the 2-meter and 70cm repeaters. Participating CIARC members included:

    • Bill Beckham [KG7GKK]
    • Bob Renn [KF7JPJ]
    • Larry Stokes [N7IBC]
    • Richard Wagner [KG7GKS]

    Much discussion on what went well and not so well with IMTUF-100 communications, incidents that occurred, and recommendations for improvement with next year's event. Ray Montagne offered to colate post mortem comments and post them to the club web site for review.

  5. Amateur Radio Class [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    Allan (WB6PHE) and Dee (N6HWI) Perrins traveled to Idaho to represent BEAERS and support our September 27th amateur radio study and test session.

    For this session, we had 15 pre-registered enrollees, with 14 registered enrollees attending and one walk-in attending, for a total of 15 participants. Of these, 13 passed their examinations.


    Passing their upgrade to the Amateur Extra class were:

    • Dan Kallies [KG7GKO]
    • Dave McQuade [W7LCC]

    Passing their upgrade to the General class were:

    • Bill Beckham [KG7GKK]
    • Dave Bracht [KC7JHX]
    • Philip Good [KB7BVS]
    • Jeff Kerby [KG7GKP]
    • Larry Mangum [KG7GKQ]
    • Bob Renn [KF7JPJ]

    Passing their initial exam for the Technician class were:

    • Rick Anderson
    • Christian Beckham
    • Molly Landers
    • Ryan Landers
    • Steven Landers

    Participating in the Volunteer Examiner team were:

    • Allan Perrins [WB6PHE], W5YI Contact VE
    • Dee Perrins [N6HWI]
    • Tim Bailey [AD7IW]
    • Ray Montagne [W7CIA]
    • Larry Stokes [N7IBC]
    • Richard Wagner [KG7GKS]

    Peter Lakomski [KE7TQV] assisted with registration and collection of fees.

    Congratulations to all who passed their examination! Thank you to those who participated in supporting this session.

    A special thanks also to Chief Mark Billmire and the McCall Fire Department for the use of their facility!

    This session was the last session that we had planned to have support from the BEAERS organization. We have now met the requirements that were imposed by the W5YI-VEC last year with regard to team experience. In sum, we have tested 36 individuals for varying grades of amateur radio exams, resulting in the issuing of 24 new licensees and 9 license upgrades. Before any additional sessions can be held, the following two items need to be satisfied:

    • The application for a test team, including appointment of the Contact Volunteer Examiner, must be successfully completed with the W5YI-VEC. This application will be filed by Ray Montagne [W7CIA].
    • The club (CIARC) must complete a filing status (i.e. 501c3, 504 or as appropriate) before we assume collection of fees. A volunteer is requested to complete this task.
      • Bill Beckham [KG7GKK] volunteered to follow up on this action item.

    All members who have upgraded are asked to log in to their account on the CIARC web site and update their profile to indicate their current license class.

  6. Approaching Elections [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    Members should start thinking about nominations for elections. Nominations are to be submitted at the November meeting, with elections occurring at the December meeting.

  7. Educational Class for New Licensees [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    We are attempting to schedule a class for Saturday, November 1. Once a date and venue is secured, an email notification will be sent to all CIARC club members and all amateur radio licensees who have attended our study and test sessions. This will all likely transpire prior to the next club meeting so no further announcement will appear in the meeting minutes (but an announcement will be placed on the NEWS page).

  8. Winter Carnival [Larry Stokes - N7IBC]

    Larry asked that members keep in mind that CIARC (and Valley County SAR) participate in providing communications and extra eyes on the street for the Winter Carnival in McCall (the scheduled date for this 2015 event has not yet been published by the McCall Chamber of Commerce & Vistors Bureau). Larry indicated that he would be advising the new Chief of our role and utility. Stay tuned for details.