Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - March 2014
Meeting Minutes - March 2014

Attending Members:

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
K7HCS Bill Mayfield
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
KB7BVS Philip Good
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
KG7GKN Mike Huston
KG7GKO Dan Kallies
KG7GKS Richard Wagner
N7IBC Larry Stokes
W7CIA Ray Montagne
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
W7LCC David McQuade

Attending Guests:

Attending Guests
  Ralph Lees

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Family 2
    Individual 17
    Total 21

  2. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Balance $1819.16
    Outstanding Debits -$87.90
    Outstanding Deposits $0.00

  3. Safety Vests [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    The yellow safety vests have been received. These are available at the meeting for pick-up. A fee of $12 must be submitted to receive your vest.

  4. Club Patches [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    New members, please advise Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) if you did not receive a club patch.

  5. Announcement: Idaho ARRL Convention [Lenard Crogh - W7HXU]

    To be held in Boise, at the same location as last year, The Boise Hotel & Conference Center at 3300 S Vista Avenue, on April 25 through 27 (click here for additional information).

    NOTE: VE testing sessions will be held at this event.

  6. Repeater Report [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    1. The 2-meter repeater and 33cm link backbone appeared back on the air in mid-February. At the same time, there is no intermodulation interference apparent on the repeater. A loss of primary A.C. power is suspected.

    2. With the repeater and link backbone returning to the air, the secondary 2-m receiver, located at the southern half of Valley County, and using an access tone of 110.9 Hz, is once again available to stations that normally have difficulty accessing the repeater receiver from that region of the county.

    3. Also restored is access to the Voice Over Internet Linking Protocol (VOIP) linking capabilities that are provided over Internet Radio Linking Protocol (IRLP) and EchoLink by the W7CIA repeater.

      KC7MCC Repeater Network Status
      Call Sign Location Band Frequency
      Offset CTCSS
      DCS Type Status
      KC7MCC No Business Mt 2m 147.020 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
      KC7MCC No Business Mt 33cm 927.2250 -   023 Link Hub Operational
      KC7MCC Brundage Mt 70cm 442.500 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
      KC7MCC Brundage Mt 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Offline. Link RX Receives 70cm TX Harmonic.
      N7IBC McCall 70cm 444.125 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
      N7IBC McCall 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Operational
      W7CIA Cascade 70cm 444.125 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
      W7CIA Cascade 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Operational
      W7CIA Cascade 2m 147.620 RX   110.9 Hz   Remote Receiver Available When Remote Base Not In Use
      W7CIA Cascade 2m 147.620 RX   110.9 Hz   Remote Receiver Available When Remote Base Not In Use
      Call Sign Location VOIP Linking Status
      W7CIA Cascade IRLP Node 3210 Operational (subject to conditions and procedures)
      W7CIA-R Cascade Echolink Node 696264 Operational (subject to conditions and procedures)

    4. Dan Woodall (N7DKW) has been working to get an EchoLink interface to the Boise W7BSE (146.94 MHz, - Offset, 100.0 Hz) repeater operating. When Dan has this fully functional, we will attempt to support the Monday night ARES NET using the EchoLink interface, while simultaneously shutting down the remote base that is located at the K7ZZL (443.3, + offset, 110.9 Hz) repeater on Snowbank Mountain. If successful, this would completely eliminate the multi-path phase distortion that is prevalent during NET operations and is due to the lack of a direct or Fresnel path between Snowbank Mountain and No Business Mountain.

    5. Possibly related to the lack of intermod when repeater operation was restored, Larry Stokes (N7IBC) mentioned that the Fish & Game and County Road Department repeaters remain off-line.

  7. W5YI VEC Test Team Certification. [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    The W5YI VEC has determined that they will not authorize a VE team with our certified VEs at this time. Their letter indicates that they would like to see one year experience before moving forward with certification.

    In response to this decision, Allan Perrins (WB6PHE), Dee Perrins (N6HWI), Ross Peterson (WB6ZBU) and the BAERS organization have offered to help us. Allan indicates that they would be willing to travel to Valley County to conduct another test session come spring. This is an extremely generous offer, with very few conditions:

    1. Session not to conflict with a BAERS session.

    2. Warmer temperatures (hopefully with snow gone from the valley floor).

    3. Session must not coincide with a holiday or spring-break as this would make flying arrangements difficult to impossible.

    Although only three VEs are required for testing, I think it also prudent that the W5YI-VEs that are specified in the VEC application participate in this session to the greatest extent possible. In order to overcome this temporary delay in attaining a VEC certification, we need to show experience and that requires a personal commitment.

  8. Amateur Radio Operating Class. [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    The Amateur Radio Operating Class was held on March 1st at the Pilgrim Cove Camp & Conference Center in McCall.

    We had eight people attend the class. Seven of the eight are licensed amateur radio operators, with the eighth a prospective amateur radio operator. Over the half of the class are members of Valley County Search And Rescue.

    A special thank you to Bill Beckham (KG7GKK) and the Pilgrim Cove Camp & Conference Center for the use of their facility!

  9. Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    James Roethig (K7IDO) called on February 27th, regarding the next meeting of the Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs, to be held on March 18th at Eddies Restaurant, located at 7067 Overland Road in Boise, at 7:00 PM. James is recruiting speakers from various Amateur Radio organizations, and requested that someone represent the CIARC with a 10-minute presentation. An email followed the phone call:

    The Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs invite your Amateur Radio group, The Central Idaho Radio Club, to give brief presentation (10 minutes) to our group about your club's activities, achievements and goals. We are inviting other Amateur groups in the area to do likewise.

    It is the desire of the ISRA to promote cooperation among all radio amateur groups We would appreciate your sharing with us and the other groups in attendance how HAMs can become better by working together.

    We are also inviting parts vendors from to area to give a brief presentation group's participation.

    A short PowerPoint presentation and a couple dozen brochures would be great. but is has to be only about 10 minutes. There will be time after the presentations for discussion.

    We hope to see you there:

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014
    7:00 PM
    Eddie's Restaurant
    7076 W Overland Rd
    Boise, ID 83709

    Respectfully yours,
    James Roethig, K7IDO, President
    Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs

  10. Highway Cleanup [Lenard Crogh - W7HXU]

    Lenard Crogh (W7HXU) reports that he is working to restore the Highway Cleanup sign north of New Meadows. Future submissions of paper work will include retaining a copy of the paperwork within the CIARC records. The sign language and limitations are to be determined.