Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - July 2014
Meeting Minutes - July 2014

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
AD7IW Tim Bailey
K7KLE Kirk Eimers
KG7GKO Dan Kallies
KG7GKP Jeff Kerby
KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
KG7GKQ Larry Mangum
K7HCS Bill Mayfield
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
N7IBC Larry Stokes
KG7GKS Richard Wagner

Attending Guests
Call Sign First Last
  Brandi Bolli
KG7MFC Karin Didisse
  Jeremy Humphrey
KG7MFG Shelley Platt
KG7MGZ Richard Platt
KG7MKD George Soulier
KE7KQE Martin Tuschkowski
W6HTW Hank Welch
KJ6NIM Judy Welch

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Family 6 (3-Family)
    Individual 16
    Total 22

  2. Treasurer's Report. [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Current Balance $2315.46
    Debits: Vests, Shirts, Hats -$482.98
    Net New Balance $1832.51

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic [Jeremy Humphrey & Brandi Boli]

    Jeremy Humphrey & Brandi Boli were on hand to discuss the upcoming McCall Trail Running Classic (to be held on July 12th). Jeremey indicated that, due to trail damage, the location of Aid Station #3 (i.e. Shaw Twin Lakes Ridge & manned by Dan Kallies [KG7GKO]), will move a few hundred yards. Jeremy will send GPS coordinates and these will be rolled into the communications plan.

    Richard Wagner [KG7GKS] brought up the issue of properly identifying the runners. Jeremy and Brandi indicated that this issue will be covered in the race briefing. Richard also proposed adding signs at the aid stations to direct race participants to properly identify themselves to communications personnel.

    Ray Montagne [W7CIA] gave a slide presentation on the communications plan. The entire communications plan can be viewed on-line by clicking here.

    Peter Lakomski [KE7TQV] was able to recruit two of our guests, Hank Welch [W6HTW] and Judy Welch [KJ6NIM], to assist at aid station #2.

  4. No Business 2-meter Repeater - [Bob Renn - KF7JPJ]

    Bob reported that he had had a support, to be installed at the mid-point of the 2-meter repeater antenna, fabricated for a cost of $30. Bob requested that a motion be made for reimbursement. A motion was made by Ray Montagne [W7CIA] and seconded by Peter Lakomski [KE7TQV] to reimburse Bob for the amount of $30. The motion carried.

  5. Brundage Mt. Repeater [Larry Stokes - N7IBC]

    Larry Stokes (N7IBC) and Ray Montagne (W7CIA) recently travelled to the Brundage Mt. repeater site to perform maintenance tasks on the repeater. While on the mountain, they were challenged by an unidentified person.

    This is a repeated theme, where Brundage Mt. is notified prior to the maintenance crew going up the mountain, and then CIARC's presence is challenged, either while on the mountain, or upon returning to the valley floor.

    In order to put an end to these conflicts, a small group of members has been discussing the need for a three-way memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the following parties:

    • Brundage Mountain Ski Resort

    • Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club

    • Valley County Search And Rescue

    The goal is to have a non-binding agreement in place that we can fall back on in the event that our maintenance crews continue to be challenged, and to further formalize our commitment to support Valley County Search And Rescue by making CIARC communications infrastructure available for SAR activities.

    A desire was expressed to have the following individuals participate in generating the MOU:

    • Bill Beckham (KG7GKK) [CIARC & VCSAR]

    • Larry Mangum (KG7GKQ) [CIARC & VCSAR]

    • Larry Stokes (N7IBC) [CIARC]

    • Rob McFadden [Brundage Mt.]

  6. Review St. Luke's Hospital MOU Draft [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    At the request of the CIARC membership, a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) was prepared and distributed for review, via email, on June 5, 2014. The MOU is based on the ARES boiler plate MOU with the following modifications:

    • Modified from a two party MOU to a three party MOU, involving the following parties:

    • Principles of cooperation written to address our mutual needs.

    • ARRL advertisements removed.

    Feedback has been received only from Valley County ARES. No feedback has been received from CIARC membership.

    The stated goal was to establish an MOU with St. Lukes Hospital, and make a public presentation of the VHF/UHF antenna and feed-line to St. Lukes Hospital. This task is awaiting further direction from CIARC membership.

    If you would like a copy of the draft MOU for your own review, please see St. Lukes MOU Draft.

    This issue will be re-visited at the next CIARC meeting.