Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - May 2013
Meeting Minutes - May 2013 (Revised 9 May 2013)

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
KB7BVS Philip Good
W7LCC Dave McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KF7JPJ Bob Renn

Revision History

The May 2013 meeting minutes were revised on 9 May 2013 to add a table describing items that were sold at the Idaho State Convention or disposed of. This table has been appended to the Treasurer's report section. This amendment was done prerequisite to removing sold items from the Asset Inventory list.

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.

    • Welcome to new member Jeff Shinn (N7HQT).

    • The number of memberships in good standing is 15.

    Membership Report
    Memberships in Good Standing  

  2. Treasurer's Report.

    • Lenard Crogh (W7HXU) and Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) traveled to the Idaho State Convention in Boise on Saturday, April 27th, and were able to sell off a good deal of excess disposable inventory. This generated income for the club in the amount of $264.00.

      ACTION: Ray Montagne (W7CIA) to meet with Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) to update the asset inventory list, which is maintained on the web page and is available under the Resources menu.

      ACTION COMPLETED: See table below that describes Liquidated Non-Critical Assets and Asset Inventory list.

    • Treasurer's Report
      Current Balance $1594.63
      Outstanding Expenditures $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $0.00

    Manufacturer Model Serial # Description Qty Status
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#1 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#2 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#3 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#4 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#5 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#6 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#7 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Motorola MaxTrac   (#8 of 8) VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 1 Sold
    Ramsey     SlyFox Fox-hunt TX 1 Sold
    Decibel Products Unknown   UHF Folded Ground-plane Antenna (444 MHz) 1 Sold
          Miscellaneous wires / cables 1 Sold
    Motorola HT-90   Handheld Transceiver (HT) (#1 of 7) 1 Sold
    Motorola HT-90   Handheld Transceiver (HT) (#2 of 7) 1 Sold
    Motorola HT-90   Handheld Transceiver (HT) (#3 of 7) 1 Sold
    Rockwell Int.     Collins Microwave Manual 1 Scrapped

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic (Jeremy Humphry & Brandi Bolli).

    1. Jeremy Humphry is participating in a race in Southern California and likely will miss the May meeting. Most information can be derived from last year's event planning. Sufficient information has been received by email to proceed with event planning.

    2. The McCall Trail Running Classic (MCTRC) will be held on July 13th at Jug Mountain Ranch.

    3. Course Information.

      • The courses will be exactly the same as last year's event. See Last Year's Event Info.

        • Click here to download a map, in '.pdf' format, of the 2013 MCTRC course and aid station locations.

        • Click here to download a file that can be imported to Garmin Basecamp or uploaded to a Garmin GPS device.

        • Click here to download a file that can be viewed in Google Earth.

    4. Aid Station Location Information Needed (i.e. exact GPS coordinates).

      • With the exception of the first aid station location, which was staffed last year by Larry Stokes (N7IBC), all aid station locations remain the same. Aid station locations:

        Aid Stations & Propagation Information
        Louie Lake
        Twin Lakes
        Aid Station Number Start-Finish 1 2 3 4
        GPS Latitude 44.83678°
        GPS Longitude 116.02317°
        Path Loss (dB) -111.28 -120.18 -130.58 -112.66 -142.63
        Magnetic Bearing to Repeater 240° 242° 237° 230° 226°
        Minimum Power (Watts) 1 1 1 1 1
        Fresnel Path Prediction download download download download download

        All Fresnel path predictions were performed with 1 watt and unity gain antennas. All aid station locations have a good Fresnel path to the 2-meter repeater, located at No Business Mt. It should be possible to support this event with hand-held radios. Extra batteries or an external power source are advised.

    5. Estimated that seven radio operators will be needed. Minimum staffing would be five radio operators.

      • Two operators are needed at the start-finish line due to the amount of concurrent outbound and inbound racers, and the number of requests for racer position reports being made by support teams.

      • Two operators are needed at the first aid station due to the amount of concurrent outbound and inbound racers.

      • Only one operator is needed at the remaining aid stations.

    6. The following amateur radio operators have responded to indicate their availability to participate in the McCall Trail Running Classic Event:

      MCTRC Volunteer Operators
      Call Sign First Last
      W7CIA Ray Montagne
      KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
      KF7JPJ Bob Renn
      N7IBC Larry Stokes
      W7HXU Lenard Crogh
      W7LCC Dave McQuade
      KB7BVR Kermit Peterson

      If you have not already volunteered to staff this event, and are available, please contact Ray Montagne (W7CIA) to be added to the volunteer list.

    7. ACTION ITEM: Ray Montagne (W7CIA) to send query to Jeremy Humphry Brandi Bolli to inquire whether aid station #1 is on the outbound or inbound direction.

      ACTION COMPLETED: Jeremy Humphry indicates that Aid Station #1 appears only on the outbound course. Once all runners have passed through this station, this station can be abandoned.

    8. ACTION ITEM: Ray Montagne (W7CIA) will prepare a communications plan for the June CIARC meeting.

  4. Highway Cleanup

    • Highway 95, 4 to 5 miles north of New Meadows. Mile markers to be determined at meeting point.
    • Saturday May 4th at 10:00 AM.
    • Meet at the Idaho State shed.
    • Volunteers are Lenard Crogh (W7HXU), Philip Good (KB7BVS), Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) and Dave McQuade (W7LCC).
  5. Repeater Report

    KC7MCC Repeater Network Status
    Call Sign Location Band Frequency
    Offset CTCSS
    DCS Type Status
    KC7MCC No Business Mt 2m 147.020 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
    KC7MCC No Business Mt 33cm 927.2250 -   023 Link Hub Operational
    KC7MCC Brundage Mt 70cm 442.500 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Off the air. Antenna failure.
    KC7MCC Brundage Mt 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Off the air. To be installed 2013.
    N7IBC McCall 70cm 444.125 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
    N7IBC McCall 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Operational
    W7CIA Cascade 70cm 444.125 + 100.0 Hz   Repeater Operational
    W7CIA Cascade 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Operational
    W7CIA Cascade 2m 147.620 RX   110.9 Hz   Remote Receiver Operational
      Cold Sprgs Mt           Repeater Off the air. 2013 Project
      Cold Sprgs Mt 33cm 902.2250 +   023 Link Off the air. 2013 Project

    In addition, the W7CIA 2-meter remote base, when not being used for other purposes, is set to receive on 147.620 MHz (i.e. the KC7MCC 2-meter repeater input frequency) with a CTCSS tone decode of 110.9 Hz. The 2-meter receiver is linked to the KC7MCC 147.020 MHz repeater via the 33cm link back-bone. This provides a secondary receiver for the KC7MCC 2-meter repeater at the south end of Valley County. No secondary transmitter is provided however. If a station is operating in the southern portion of Valley County, can hear the KC7MCC 2-meter repeater well, but is having difficulty with their transmissions being heard then that station can simply change the CTCSS encode tone to 110.9 Hz to gain a better signal into the KC7MCC 2-meter repeater. This configuration will most likely best benefit an operator with a low power transmitter, such as a hand-held radio.

    KC7MCC 2-Meter Repeater Receivers
    RX RX Location TX Location CTCSS Tone Coverage
    1 No Business Mt No Business Mt 100.0 Hz Full KC7MCC footprint
    2 Cascade No Business Mt 110.9 Hz Southern Valley County

    Please note that the repeater status is available under the Repeaters menu on the CIARC web page.

  6. McCall St. Luke's - VHF/UHF Antenna Prices

    1. Requirements:

      1. Dual-band capability, covering the 2m & 70cm bands.

      2. UHF Connectors (avoids adapters).

      3. Sufficient gain to not only operate on the CIARC repeaters, but to also operate on other repeaters in time of emergency.

      4. Radome construction to avoid any corrosion issues and passive intermod.

      5. Low cost.

    2. Search Results:

      McCall St. Luke's - VHF/UHF Antenna Prices
      Manufacturer Model VHF
      Price Vendor
      Tram-Browning 1480 144-148 430-450 6 8 $56.81 Amazon
      1481 144-148 430-450 8.3 11.7 $94.99 RW Antenna Sat
      Diamond X30A 144-148 440-450 3.0 5.5 $69.96 HRO
      X50A 144-148 440-450 4.5 7.2 $94.95 HRO
      X200A 144-148 440-450 6.0 8.0 $124.95 HRO
      X300A 144-148 440-450 6.5 9.0 $139.95 HRO
      X510HDM 144-148 440-450 8.3 11.7 $189.95 HRO
      NGC-Comet GP-1 144-148 440-450 0.8 3.8 $74.95 HRO
      GP-3 144-148 440-450 2.3 5.0 $99.95 HRO
      GP-6 144-148 440-450 4.3 6.8 $149.95 HRO
      GP-9 144-148 440-450 6.3 9.7 $199.95 HRO

    3. Recommendation:

      Prices in the above table do not include tax or shipping costs. The Tram-Browning 1481 is recommended as it gives very good performance at a very economical price. This antenna is available at a vendor in Boise for $120 (no shipping required).

    4. Determine if and what action to be taken:

      • ACTION ITEM: Need to determine if the Hospital would allow an antenna to be erected and if they are willing to finance the purchase of the antenna and feed-line.

  7. Ron Walker (WB6VSJ) Equipment Donation

    • Ron sent an email to Ray Montagne (W7CIA) to indicate that he has surplus equipment that he would like to donate if the equipment can be used and not just sold for scrap. Ron has a home in McCall and travels from Southern California to McCall by mid-June. An inventory of items that Ron has available includes:

      • Glenayre 250 Watt UHF paging transmitters with both digital and analog capability.

      • T1 Carrier stuff

      • 2 GHz LYNX digital link.

      • Mobile duplexers

      • Motorola Unipage stuff

    • Ron followed up with a phone call this week to discuss his surplus equipment.

      • Glenayre 250 Watt UHF paging transmitters have integrated 24V power supplies and can be adapted for amateur use. PA decks are three feet tall, include 5 PA's to a combiner.

      • Alpha 2000 UHF (Harris) 35W full-duplex with built-in reject duplexers. These are EPROM programmed radios and require the EPROM programming equipment.

      • Ron would like to know our interest in obtaining equipment. He would like to see any donated equipment put into service and not sold for scrap.

    • DETERMINATION: CIARC is grateful for this generous offer but is not interested in acquiring any of this gear at this time.

  8. Membership recruiting.

    • Ray Montagne (W7CIA) has hand-outs of a list of all active amateur radio licensees in the vicinity of CIARC. For reference, please see CIARC Needs Your Help.

    • Perform a quick review of the list to collect data on which entries are to be deleted.

    • ACTION ITEM: The list of amateur radio operators in Adams and Valley Counties has been culled. Ray Montagne (W7CIA) plans on sending out post-cards to all active amateur radio licensees in the area to invite them to attend a CIARC meeting. Ray Montagne will be providing postage for this mailing.