Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - June 2013
Meeting Minutes - June 6, 2013

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
KB7BVR Kermit Petersen
KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
  Mike Huston
N7IBC Larry Stokes
W7CIA Ray Montagne
W7LCC Dave McQuade
  Jeremy Humphry

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.

    • The number of memberships in good standing is 15. Mike Huston, of Cascade, joined the club so the number of members in good standing increases to 16.

    • CIARC welcomes new member Mike Huston!

  2. Treasurer's Report.

    • Treasurer's Report
      Current Balance $1594.63
      Outstanding Expenditures $0.00
      Outstanding Deposits $0.00

    • The on-line asset inventory page has been updated remove items that were sold at the Idaho State Convention.

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic

    • The McCall Trail Running Classic communications plan is published under the Public Service menu. If you are participating as a volunteer in the MCTRC, please review the comms plan. Any requests for changes to the MCTRC Comms Plan can be submitted to Ray Montagne (W7CIA) by email or the Contact Us web form that is located under the Contacts menu on the web page can be used.

      • Kermit will no longer be available to participate in this event.

      • Aid station #1 will be moving back to last year's location. A new GPX file will be provided by Jeremy Humphry.

      • A list of participants will be provided by Jeremy Humphry. Although registration is published to be cut-off on July 1st, late registration will be accepted. Station operators can expect a list of additions and deletions to the participant list to be communicated by radio on the day of the event.

      • Anticipate many more runner entries this year. The number of entries may go as high as 200.

      • CIARC has requested that MCTRC aid station workers are requested to log time out of each runner and pass that information to the amateur radio operator(s) so that the information can be relayed back to the start/finish line.

      • We need the southern gate below Louie Lake to be open for this event.

      One scheduled CIARC club meeting will occur prior to the MCTRC but falls on the Fourth of July. Consult with Lenard regarding rescheduling the July meeting since it falls on July 4th so that we can have good attendance to finalize MCTRC support planning prior to the July 13 race.

      With the move of aid station #1 and the loss of Kermit Petersen, staffing for this event is now short of needs. Anyone wishing to volunteer for the MCTRC can contact Ray Montagne (W7CIA) by email or use the Contact Us web form that is located under the Contacts menu on the web page can be used.

  4. Highway Clean-up Report

    • Participating members: Lenard Crogh (W7HXU), Philip Good (KB7BVS), Dave McQuade (W7LCC) & Bob Renn (KF7JPJ)

    • Members cleaned up Highway 95, from mile marker 167 to mile marker 168.

    • 13 bags of trash were collected.

    CIARC thanks those members who participated in this event!

  5. Repeater Report

    • 2-meter Repeater

      • Isolation of the root cause of the 2m repeater failure points to the TrippLite PS-25 power supply failing. A replacement power supply has been ordered, at a cost of $60.47, with delivery expected by June 10. Pending delivery of the power supply, and no lightning in the forecast, Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) and Ray Montagne (W7CIA) plan to replace the power supply on June 11.

      • Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) had suggested that the club reimburse expenditures of $60.47 for the replacement power supply. A motion was made, seconded and passed by the membership.

        Ray Montagne (W7CIA) will submit a receipt to Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) upon delivery of the power supply.

    • 70cm Repeater

      • With the snow rapidly melting on Brundage Mt., CIARC will need to remove the 70cm repeater, antenna and feed-line from the Ski Patrol building. Volunteers are needed for this task.

        • Larry Stokes (N7IBC) reported that Rob McFadden (Brundage Mt. Ski Resort Maintenance) has instructed that the repeater antenna be repaired and left installed at the Ski Patrol Building. Rob will discuss with the Ski Patrol.

        • Replacement of the damaged antenna support mast was discussed. Kermit Petersen (KF7BVR) has some thicker wall galvanized pipe. It was suggested that a pipe be cut to 8 feet initially and that further reduction in length could be applied if needed.

      • Pending tasks to upgrade the 70cm repeater include:

        • Installation of the 12V power supply to power additional equipment.

        • Installation of the NHRC-4 2-port repeater controller that had been previously removed from the TAIT 2m repeater.

          NOTE: The Hamtronics repeater controller currently installed in the 70cm repeater will not be redeployed. Since Martin Tushkowski (KE7KQE) purchased the TAIT repeater, sans controller, the Hamtronics controller could be provided to Martin, if he would like to have it.

        • Install the Kenwood TK-981 33cm half-duplex link radio.

        These upgrades were discussed. The bulk of these tasks are to be prepared prior to traveling to the repeater site, where final installation will be performed. A minimum half-day is expected to be needed to complete installation.

  6. Field Day

    • Field Day will be held on June 22nd & 23rd. Is there any interest in operating Field Day?

      There seems to be mixed interest. Members are checking schedules and a location needs to be decided upon. It appears that, of attending members, four or five are interested in participating.