Central Idaho Amateur
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CIARC Meeting Minutes - February 2013
Meeting Minutes - February 2013

NOTICE: Members who have not renewed membership for 2013 by March 31 will be dropped from the membership roster and email distribution at end of March. If you have not renewed your CIARC membership and wish to be retained on the roster, please renew. See the Membership Application page for further details.


Attending Members:

W7HXU Lenard Crogh
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
KC7SRF Steve Forrey
W7LCC Dave McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
N7IBC Larry Stokes

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.
    1. 12 paid members (2 family memberships)
    2. A list of paid memberships has been forwarded via e-mail to Lenard on 7 Feb.
  2. Treasurer's Report.
    1. As of January 31, $1051.43.
    2. Additional membership renewals should bring the balance to $1066.43 (projected by 11 Feb.).
  3. McCall Winter Carnival Report.
    1. All went pretty smoothly.
    2. Repeater coverage was not acceptable.
    3. The consensus is to simplex next year.
  4. Sale of club owned GE Phoenix radios to Martin Tushkowski (KE7KQE). Martin is presenting a starting offer of $100 for all of the club GE Phoenix radios and accessories.
    1. Membership moved and approved sale of all GE radios, GE Accessories, GE Master II Repeater & Tait repeater to Martin Tushkowski (KE7KQE) for $100.
    2. For those radios not in Martin's possession, it was moved, seconded and approved that Bob (Guido) Renn (KF7JPJ) will contact those in possession of these radios and request a donation of $15 from each.
  5. 2-meter radio nets (should we continue to hold this net and if so, what kind of net would the members like).

    NOTE: Please see BY-LAWS item #5..

    1. Consensus is that the members want a roll-call net, with the net moving to Wednesday at 8:00 PM.
    2. Net Control volunteers: Larry, Kermit, Bob, Dave, Steve,
    3. Net will commence on Feb 20th.
Floor Items
  1. Congratulations to Peter Lakomski (KE7TQV) on passing the General Class exam!!!
  2. Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) has been officially thrown under the bus and awaits flash cards to study for the General Class exam.