Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - December 2013
Meeting Minutes - 5 December 2013

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
AD7IW Tim Bailey
KG7GKK Bill Beckham
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
W7KLE Kirk Eimers
KG7GKN Mike Huston
KG7GKO Dan Kallies
K7HCS Bill Mayfield
W7LCC David McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
KG7GKS Richard Wagner

Agenda Items

Membership dues are due by December 31, 2013. Memberships that are not renewed will remain in a grace period through March 31, 2014. Memberships that are not renewed by April 1, 2014 will be indicated as not in good standing in the club roster. Note that the club roster shows members in good standing with a white background, members in the grace period (overdue, up to March 31) with a yellow background, and members that are not in good standing and outside of the grace period with a red background.

  1. Membership Report.

    1. 20 members

  2. Treasurer's Report.

    1. Current balance: $1579.16

    2. Outstanding expenditures: $0.00

    3. Outstanding deposits: $45.00

  3. Annual Elections. [Lenard Crogh - W7HXU]

    Nominations for CIARC 2013 Officers
    Office Nominee
    President Lenard Crogh - W7HXU
    Treasurer Bob Renn - KF7JPJ
    Secretary Ray Montagne - W7CIA

    Article III, Section 2 of the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club constitution states: The officers of this club shall be elected for a term of one-year by ballot of the members present, provided that there be a quorum present, at the election meeting. Candidates for office must have been a member of the club for at least one year prior to election, except that the first officers elected need only be members from incorporation.

    The Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club constitution defines a quorum, for the purposes of amending the constitution or bylaws, as 10% of the club membership. The constitution does not define a quorum for the purposes of conducting business at a general meeting, only requiring that a quorum be present.

    The club roster currently lists 18 members.

    1. Lenard Crogh (W7HXU) was re-elected to the office of the President

    2. Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) was re-elected to the office of the Treasurer

    3. Ray Montagne (W7CIA) was re-elected to the office of the Secretary

  4. Repeater Report. [Ray Montagne - W7CIA]

    • 2-Meter Repeater

      • The 2-meter repeater continues to experience intermod with the intensity of the intermod increasing over time. Some weaker stations are experience de-sense like behavior, where there signal is able to bring up the repeater but once the repeater transmitter becomes active then the intermod causes a loss of received signal and the repeater transmitter will drop. Once the repeater transmitter drops, the signal is again heard. This results in a cyclic keying of the repeater transmitter.

        If the 2-meter repeater transmitter is disabled, the received signal is clean. It is clear that the output of the 2-meter transmitter is a component of the intermod mix. It is not clear if the mix is occurring in the CIARC repeater transmitter, or another transmitter on the hilltop.

      • The amplifier on the hilltop is new but the intermod was present both prior to and after installation of the amplifier. Further, the amplifier appeared clean on the spectrum analyzer when installed in early October. However, the signal strengths involved are in the 0.25 to 0.4 µV range and would not have been obvious on the display when compared to a 50 watt signal (i.e. 50 Watts = 47 dBm = 50 Volts). Spurious output at the receiver frequency needs to be revisited.

        The output of the isolator appears to be more attenuated than it should be. This could be indicative of an improperly tuned isolator, and leaves the possibility of some RF coming down the feed-line into the transmitter, where mixing can then occur, resulting in intermodulation products.

      • Maintenance will be nearly impossible until spring time due to snow inhibiting access to the repeater site. When site access becomes available, a series of tests will be performed in an attempt to isolate the mixing point for the intermod components. A list of tests and tasks is being prepared for the next trip to the hilltop.

    • 70cm Repeater

      • The 70cm repeater continues to operate properly with no known anomalies. The repeater is hearing much better than it is being heard, with a recent check-in being full-quieting from Oregon.

  5. Call For Floor Items

    1. Highway 95 Sign

      • It has been reported that the CIARC sign, which is maintained in association with the highway cleanup performed by members of the CIARC, has been taken down. Lenard Crogh (W7HXU) plans to investigate this issue.