Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - August 2013
Meeting Minutes - August 2013

Attending Members
Call Sign First Last
W7HXU Lenard Crogh
KB7BVS Philip Good
  Mike Huston
KE7TQV Peter Lakomski
W7LCC David McQuade
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
N7IBC Larry Stokes

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.
    1. Number of members in good standing: 16
  2. Treasurer's Report.
    1. Current balance: $1549.16
    2. Outstanding expenditures: $0.00
    3. Outstanding deposits: $0.00
  3. Repeater Report.
    1. 2m Repeater

      The 2m repeater is still operating in carrier access mode. A trip to the hill top is required to place the 2m receiver into CTCSS decode mode.

    2. 70cm Repeater

      The Down East Microwave 70cm pre-amplifier order has been delayed until August 5th. DownEast Microwave offices are closed until that date. This expenditure was approved at the July 2013 meeting. A receipt for this purchase will be submitted after the pre-amplifier has been received.

      Ray Montagne (W7CIA) swapped out the link radio on the evening of July 8th in an attempt to get the 70cm repeater linked to the 2m repeater prior to the McCall Trail Running Classic. Line losses appeared to be excessive and the signal received at the link radio was not usable. A trip to the hill top will be needed to investigate further. It may be necessary to re-install the link antenna on a shorter feed-line, possibly in the attic portion of the building. This may be attempted coincidental to installing the 70cm receiver pre-amplifier.

      Bob Renn (KF7JPJ) has had additional antenna bracing fabricated to support the 70cm antenna vertical support at the apex of the roof. This will need to be installed before winter. Volunteers are needed to assist on the roof when this is installed.

  4. Wednesday Night 2m Net
    1. The current status quo continue until the onset of Winter.