Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Agenda - May 2012
Meeting Agenda - 2 May 2013
Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.

  2. Treasurer's Report.

    Treasurer's Report
    Current Balance  
    Outstanding Expenditures  
    Outstanding Deposits  

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic (Jeremy Humphry & Brandi Bolli).

    • To be held on July 13th at Jug Mountain Ranch.

    • Course Information Needed.

    • Aid Station Location Information Needed (i.e. exact GPS coordinates).

    • Estimated that seven radio operators will be needed. Minimum staffing would be five radio operators.

    • Course Route(s)

      1. 10 Miles

      2. 20 Miles

      3. 40 Miles

  4. Highway Cleanup

  5. Repeater Report

  6. McCall St. Luke's - VHF/UHF Antenna Prices

    1. Review Requirements

    2. Review Search Results

    3. Review Recommendation

    4. Determine if and what action to be taken

  7. Ron Walker (WB6JVS) Equipment Donation

  8. Membership recruiting. For reference, please see CIARC Needs Your Help.

NOTE: Due to the large number of items on the May agenda, and the extensive scope of some items, it may be necessary to table discussion on some agenda items until a later meeting.