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    Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Agenda - July 2013
Meeting Agenda - July 2013 (to be held on June 27)
Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.

  2. Treasurer's Report.

  3. McCall Trail Running Classic

  4. Repeater Report

    • 2m Repeater

    • 70cm Repeater

      • Antenna Repair.

      • Link Radio & Controller Upgrade.

      • Ray Montagne (W7CIA) would like the membership to approve purchase of a pre-amplifier for the 70cm repeater receiver. The pre-amplifier, a Down East Microwave model L432LNA-2N, is priced at $75 (plus tax & shipping). The 70cm repeater receiver is specified to have a sensitivity of 0.35µV for -12 dB SINAD (i.e. -116 dBm). This sensitivity is quite poor and adding the pre-amplifier will make the 70cm repeater much more usable. Note that even the poorest specification receivers now make 0.25µV for -12 dB SINAD (i.e. -119 dBm), and many, such as the 2m repeater receiver, can attain 0.18µV for -12 dB SINAD (i.e. -121 dBm).

  5. CIARC Pot-Luck & BBQ

    Peter Lakomski suggests holding a CIARC pot-luck dinner & BBQ, at Peter''s QTH. Peter suggests late July and August.