Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - May 2012
Meeting Minutes - May 2012

Revised 12 May to include the report of acquisition of back-up radios for the 2m repeater.


Attending Members:

Callsign Name
W7LCC David McQuade
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
W7CIA Ray Montagne

Agenda Items

A quorum was not present at the May meeting and as a result, no business could be attended.

  1. McCall Trail Running Classic event scheduled for July 14, 2012.
    • An email was received from Jeremy Humphrey, apologizing for missing the May meeting due to illness. Jeremy indicates that he and Brandi will attend the July 5th meeting. Any requests for information can be directed to him via email.
  2. IMTUF 100 event scheduled for October 6-7, 2012.
    • The club had prepared a printed letter to be presented to Brandi & Jeremy Humphrey to indicate that the club is not able to support the IMTUF 100 event. This letter was to be presented at the meeting. Martin Tushkowski (KE7KQE) handled this notification via email after the meeting.
  3. Membership Report.
    • Welcome New Members
      • No new members have been added.
    • Number of members in good standing
      • The number of members remains at 13.
  4. Treasurer's Report.
    • A payment of $100 was made to Bill Leoppard (K1BMW) for the 80-watt amplifier that is being installed in the repeater.
    • The balance now stands at $1277.58.
  5. Rotating Net Control.
    • May 10: Ray Montagne (W7CIA)
    • May 17: Larry Stokes (N7IBC)
    • May 24: Ray Montagne (W7CIA)
    • May 31: TBD
  6. Repeater Report.
    • VHF Status
      • Controller Installation.
        • A Link Communications RLC-1 controller has been installed and the interface to the VHF radios has been completed.
      • Isolator Hunt
        • The hunt for a 2-meter isolator is over. Ray Montagne (W7CIA) purchased an isolator for $125 at the Idaho State Convention that was held on April 20-22. After the convention, Larry Smith (W7ZRQ) donated (through Larry Stokes N7IBC) a 2-port isolator that is pre-tuned to 147.020 MHz. Isolator installation will occur upon completion of the amplifier installation.
      • Amplifier Installation.
        • Amplifier installation is almost completed. A fan will be installed on the amplifier. The amplifier is wired to be powered off of the primary power supply. In the interested of maximizing repeater operation in the event of a power failure, the amplifier will not be wired to the battery backed up power bus, resulting in reduced transmit power when operating on battery.
      • Micor Squelch Gate.
        • A failure in the Micor Squelch Gate occurred. Many days have been spent seeking root cause for what appears to be an open ground connection. A micro fracture of a trace on the printed circuit board is suspected. The Micor Squelch Gate is being rebuilt in the interest of making progress.
      • As soon as the Micor Squelch Gate is completed and the installation of both the isolator and amplifier is completed, the 2-meter portion of the repeater will be completed and the repeater will be placed on the air for testing at the W7CIA QTH.
      • Ray Montagne (W7CIA) reported acquiring two Kenwood TK-705D radios through eBay for $30 each (plus $15 shipping) on April 19th. These radios are to be held as back-up radios in the event of a failure of the repeater radios. These radios will be made available for purchase by the club at a total price of $75 at the discretion of the club.
      UHF (33cm) Status
      • Work to occur after VHF is completed
      • Radio Conversion will require re-programming of both the transmit and receive radios. Further, 902 MHz filters will be installed in the receive radio.
  7. The next club meeting will be held on Thursday, June 7.