Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Agenda - February 2012
Meeting Agenda - February 2012
Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.
    • Welcome New Members
      • Steve Forrey (KC7SRF)
    • Number of members in good standing
    • Number of renewals outstanding
    • Missing Member Data
    • Should the membership application be updated to indicate station capabilities with a goal of supporting public service event planning? Note that disclosure is not mandatory and intends only to disclose capabilities and not detailed equipment inventory (see example handout).
    • Questions regarding the roster posted to the web page:
      • Should the web roster remove members who have not paid their dues?
      • Should a grace period be imposed, and if so, how long?
      • Does the membership want to have a '.pdf' copy of the full roster (i.g. including contact information) posted as a downloadable document on the web page?
      • Does the membership want to have a '.pdf' copy of the full roster delivered by email?
      • If the membership wants to have the '.pdf' copy of the full roster delivered by email, do they want to receive updates as they occur?
  2. Treasurer's Report.
    • Open issues from last month's meeting (i.e. check to Kermit Peterson has not cleared. See last months minutes).
    • Standard report.
  3. Repeater Report.
  4. Repeater Interim Location Discussion.
  5. Rotating Net Control.
  6. Winter Carnival.
  7. Facebook page needs to be updated to include a link to www.ciarc.org.